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Frequently asked questions

Area controllers, as part of air traffic control, serve to ensure the adherence to international air traffic rules in their designated airspace. They do this by controlling the flights, as well as landings and take-offs of the various aircrafts at the same time. Those who do area controller jobs, operate radars and other equipment to guide the pilots during the flight.

The area controller salary is variable across the globe. Its dependence is upon different factors like education, the designated airspace, rank, and geographical region. The salary is also dependent on the experience and you can increase your salary by gaining more experience in the field. It also varies based on the type of employer you are working for.

The area controller jobs are highly demanding, and demand special apprenticeship from certain training schools in the UK. The entrance tests judge technical abilities, along with the educational background of the applicant. After its clearance, you will be admitted to the school for a course of one year and eighteen months.

To get into a training course for air traffic control in the UK, you need to have at least decent grades in your English and mathematics. After getting into an apprenticeship or a training scheme, you’re taught the skills required in this job. After the training, you’re qualified to take on your job. Go to Aviation Job Search for exploring the latest air traffic control jobs.

The jobs of the people in air traffic control are considered to be one of the most stressful jobs out there. It is these people whose shoulders carry the responsibility of safely managing and operating the passage of many different aircrafts in the air at once. This profession also includes dealing with emergencies, or directing the aircraft in case of inclement weather.


Area Controller Job Description 

Area controller jobs are some of the most challenging yet stressful jobs out there. The job in air traffic control involves undertaking many different tasks at once, like managing and ensuring the smooth passage of aircrafts, coordinating with pilots to help them navigate through air and make them aware of any potential turbulence or emergency, as well as look after the flights on the ground during landings and take-offs. They perform their job by sitting in their aerodrome control towers, approach control offices or area control centres. These centres are equipped with the latest technology like radars and visuals, that facilitate the area controllers in maintaining the air traffic control. The task is accomplished by communicating directly with the pilots. 

Area Controller Job Responsibilities 

The area controllers are deployed at the area control centres at the airport. They are responsible for giving instructions to the aircraft before takeoff, during the flight and landing. During the communication with pilots, the area controllers issue guidelines related to the aircraft speed, height and minimum level which needs to be maintained. As soon as an aircraft is about to descend, the area controllers hand over the control to the approach controllers who operate instrument landing systems. They are trained to handle the emergency situations and manage the flow of air traffic.

Skills Required For Building Area Controller Career

All the jobs in air traffic control, and especially the job of an area controller, require the utmost concentration and stress bearing skills. You are also required to have complete and thorough grip over your knowledge of air traffic and all the technicalities . Your communication skills, especially verbal communication skills, need to be spot on. Area controller jobs require individuals which can pay attention to the smallest of nuances and respond to them imminently and accurately. On top of all these skills, one is also required to be adept in the use of the latest technologies that are used in area control. Go to Aviation Job Search and find the relevant area controller vacancies.