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              Interior Workshop Technician
              Direct Employer
              Interior Workshop Technician Atlantic Aviation Group
              Full time
              €34,000 - €35,500
              10 hours ago
              Maintenance Operations Controller
              Maintenance Operations Controller JMC RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS
              Luton, Borough of Luton, England
              Full time
              £70,000 - £80,000
              13 hours ago
              EASA B1 Licensed Engineer
              EASA B1 Licensed Engineer Aeropeople Ltd
              14 hours ago
              B1.3 or B2 B412 and/or B429 Engineers - Abu Dhabi
              B1.3 or B2 B412 and/or B429 Engineers - Abu Dhabi Lupos Global Limited
              Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
              Full time
              15 hours ago
              B1 Beechcraft / Citation
              B1 Beechcraft / Citation Resource Group
              Full time
              18 hours ago
              CAT A Mechanics
              CAT A Mechanics Bostonair Group Limited
              19 hours ago
              B1 Licensed Engineer 737NG /BBJ
              B1 Licensed Engineer 737NG /BBJ Volantes Technical Recruitment Ltd
              Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom
              £45 - £50
              1 day ago
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              Frequently asked questions

              Only regulatory courses that support the qualification of NAAs personnel involved in approval and oversight activities are available through the EASA Virtual Academy (inspectors). The courses are delivered by authorised external training organisations that EASA has approved. These courses are required to be studied by Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

              For becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – What’s needed is that you should get an EASA Part-66 AML (Aircraft Maintenance License). An applicant must possess a particular set of skills and basic knowledge. In addition, you must complete Type Training (Theoretical and Practical) for the first TR (66) on-the-job training (OJT) in order to have an aircraft type rating TR recognised in the AML.

              Usually, it takes ten years. However, if the syllabus has not changed, it may be possible to prolong for another ten years. You can visit Aviation Job Search website to find your desired Aircraft Maintenance Engineers jobs and relevant information.

              Only regulatory courses that support NAAs personnel involved in approval and oversight activities are available through the EASA Virtual Academy (inspectors). The courses are delivered by authorised external training organisations that EASA has approved.

              If you are stepping into this field, you need to know what are the main challenges of being an aircraft engineer? Line maintenance, day-to-day care, and defect rectification are all part of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer jobs. These engineers are also responsible for base maintenance, which might entail extensive modification and repair of the aircraft structure or systems.

              To be an aircraft maintenance engineer, you must have a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licence.

              Knowing what does the career path of an aircraft engineer look like, you can grow professionally. Although licences vary depending on the country, for Europe, there is the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Part 66 (for EASA aircraft.) For the UK, it’s the UK National British Civil Airworthiness Requirements Section L (for work on UK National Annex 2 planes, also known as non-EASA’).

              They can review and issue Certificates of Maintenance, Certificates of release for repairs and replacements, modifications or overhauls, maintenance, overhauls, inspections, and maintenance; they can also give Fit-for-flight Certificates

              The licence is valid for five years and can be renewed provided you meet the fitness and qualification requirements laid out by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

              If you perform work that you are not licensed for, you could face a fine of up to £2,500


              What are Aircraft Maintenance Engineer jobs like?

              At times, an Aircraft Engineer is also referred to as an Aircraft Technician. While the engineer is the most widely used title in the United Kingdom, the terms technician and engineer are interchangeable in the aviation business. The Aviation Industry (and its governing bodies) attempts to maintain; by ensuring that all maintenance work and all maintenance engineers are adequately trained and regulated to ensure the aircraft's and passengers' safety. Aircraft are a complex mix of systems that require equally complicated personnel to maintain. As a result, it is worth your time to learn about the licensing procedure for certifying Aircraft Engineers, as well as the training you will need if you decide to pursue Aircraft Engineering as a career. To find your desired aircraft engineer jobs, please visit Aviation Job Search.

              Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Job Responsibilities

              Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are in charge of inspecting, maintaining and repairing planes to guarantee safe to fly. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers must spend long hours on emergency repairs while adhering to CAA standards. Aircraft engines are dismantled, inspected, tested, repaired, and reassembled by these engineers. They set up electrical circuits. They are also responsible for the instrument and system testing for communication, aerospace, and electrical instruments and systems and checking and replacing components of the oxygen system. They put together aircraft frames and regularly conduct pre-flight inspections of engines and mechanical systems. It is also their job to keep meticulous records of all maintenance activities.

              Skills Required to Build An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Career

              To successfully perform your job as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, you need manual dexterity and attention to detail. Knowledge of aviation and power tools, computers, diagnostic equipment, and x-ray machines is required. In addition, you must have the ability to work long hours with flexibility, excellent problem-solving and communication skills and the capability to perform information analysis and evaluation. You must also have the skills to determine appropriate therapies by assessing conditions through examination or diagnostic tests. In addition, the candidates are required to have excellent verbal and written communication skills to make quick notes and reminders to remind forthcoming deadlines and send concise e-mails to request and supply information.

              Types of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Jobs

              Aeroplane maintenance engineers are employed by airlines and companies specializing in aircraft maintenance. Others work for smaller employers in general aviation, including air taxis, business aviation, and surveying. Flying clubs also employ engineers, and some maintenance engineer jobs might even be freelance. Large employers usually offer training programs, but there is fierce competition for entry. Generally, it isn’t easy to find qualified aircraft maintenance jobs, and licenced holders are in high demand, particularly avionics specialists. Engineers also work for UK airlines abroad; although there are still some opportunities to work for international airlines, post-covid, there aren’t as many jobs as there used to be.

              Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Prospects

              If you are licensed, moving to a supervisor or senior position is a good option and viable possibility; you can also move up to the manager level and assume an executive leadership role. However, vertical growth might not be everyone’s cup of tea; some experienced engineers might be interested in working with aircraft manufacturers as production fitters or in aircraft design and engineering departments. Others might prefer working for the Armed Forces.

              Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Work Environment 

              People employed in aircraft maintenance engineering jobs work longer hours because they must complete the work they have started. It might be that on several occasions, the engineers might have to work weekends so they can cover all flight hours. Pre-flight checks are usually done outdoors, in all weather conditions, and some work is done indoors, in workshops or hangars. Working inside an aeroplane often involves working in awkward and cramped positions, including frequent kneeling or bending. In other cases, you might be required to work at a height, and in some situations, you will work in a workshop.