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            Warehouse Operative
            Warehouse Operative Shorterm Limited
            Redhill, Surrey, England
            Full time
            3 days ago
            P/T Cleaning Supervisor
            P/T Cleaning Supervisor Shorterm Limited
            Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
            3 days ago
            Aircraft Cleaner
            Aircraft Cleaner Line Up Aviation
            Prestwick, South Ayrshire Council, Scotland
            Full time
            13 days ago
            FBO Supervisor
            Direct Employer
            FBO Supervisor Gama Aviation
            Glasgow Airport, Glasgow, Renfrewshire
            Full time
            20 days ago
            Baggage Handler - Dublin Airport
            Baggage Handler - Dublin Airport Ryanair
            Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
            36 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            Airport Ground Crew involves all the security, customer service, aircraft maintenance, and management personnel that facilitate air travel. The Ground Crew is diverse and performs a wide range of duties from manning the check-in counters to issuing tickets to the passengers, handling the baggage, and performing cleaning and maintenance services for the aircraft.

            The qualifications criteria vary for different Ground Crew jobs. The baggage handlers for instance need relevant experience and background check clearance. The technical ground staff is needed to have the requisite knowledge and expertise to work on the aircraft or cabins. Customer service teams have to be good at providing information and assistance to the passengers.

            The salary for Airport Ground Crew jobs differs depending on the position, working hours, and experience required for a role. Overall, the Ground Crew is offered competitive salary packages and benefits that include health insurance, transport facilities, and for some positions discounted airline tickets are also among the perks that are given to the staff.

            You need to fulfil the degree, experience, and other requirements for the kind of Airline Ground Crew jobs you intend to apply to. Having relevant training or taking a course about learning the essentials of getting into airport Ground Crew will make your application stand out. You ought to have effective communication skills and the ability to work under pressure.

            The different kinds of jobs you can get in the ground crew are related to baggage handling, security surveillance, technical maintenance, cleaning, and customer service. All of these roles require enthusiasm and hard work to make a lucrative career working in the Ground Crew. Get job alerts for your area of interest by signing into Aviation Job Search!

            Referred to as the ground crew, they are people who work landside duties at airports. The ground crew's main responsibility is to ensure that planes run smoothly. The ground staff are those who work in the airport terminal or outside near the aircraft.

            These requirements are essential for people applying for ground crew jobs and are applicable to other industries as well – the incumbent must be punctual, have great time management skills, be a team player, and have a knack for being people-friendly.

            Assisting disabled passengers or those with small children, greeting and welcoming them, answering their questions, packing and unpacking baggage, making airline reservations, selling tickets, stocking the aircraft with refreshments, cleaning up after flights, and assisting with any other needs.

            Ground crews, aka ground staff, work at the airport. These crews can be avionics technicians or customer service people, or ramp agents, to name a few roles. While on the ground, they provide services to various airlines.

            Although most people who work a ground crew job hold a college degree, it is possible to obtain a GED or high school diploma and become one.


            What are Ground Crew Jobs Like 

            The Ground Crew's jobs include screening passengers for security, taking care of their bags, running the ticket counters, cleaning, repairing, and maintaining the planes, and helping customers. Security guards and people who take care of people's bags usually need a high school diploma or a general education degree. The people who run the customer service desks at airlines need to be good with people and have the right degree or experience to help customers in person, over the phone, and online. Technicians are hired based on how much they know about aircraft systems and how much experience they have working on air vehicles.

            Ground Crew Job Responsibilities

            As different as the roles are, so are the tasks of the Ground Crew. The airline counter staff checks people in for flights, reroutes people whose flights are delayed, and tells people what's going on with departures and arrivals. The cabin cleaners clean and restock the planes to make sure that the passengers have a good time. The people who handle the luggage load and unload it. The customer service reps answer questions about flights that have been canceled, delayed, or whose times have changed. The security team makes sure that passengers, airport workers, and airport property are safe from all kinds of dangers. The technicians get the plane ready to fly.

            Skills Required for Building Ground Crew Careers 

            Ground Crew all need great communication skills and the ability to deal with stress. Agents at airline counters need to be good at customer service so they can answer passenger questions and solve problems quickly. Baggage handlers need to be able to keep track of many different check-ins and arrivals. The technical teams need to be good at paying attention to details and figuring out how to fix problems. Airport ground crew jobs require people who are willing to work longer hours in a flexible setting. Improve the prospects of landing your dream job by building your profile on Aviation Job Search!

            Work Environment of Airport Ground Crew

            Ground crews and the important jobs they do are an important part of how an airport works. Airport ground crew members may work both inside and outside of the airport. They may help people check in for flights or help with security checks. They will also load and unload the bags of passengers and move the steps around the plane so that passengers and crew can get off. Most of the time, they work in shifts and on weekends. Sometimes, they even have to work on holidays. They must be able to work in places with lots of people and loud noises. If they need it, they will be given the right safety gear. They should be in good shape because they might have to help with luggage and stand for long periods of time. They should be able to work sometimes when the weather is bad.

            Education Requirements for Ground Crew Jobs

            A recent study showed that more than 45% of people who work as ground staff have a bachelor's degree and more than 1.5% have a master's degree. Most ground crew members have college degrees, but it is possible to do well in this field with just a high school diploma. The same study showed that only one out of every five people on a ground crew has a college degree. Most people who go to college and work on ground crews get a business or kinesiology degree. Ground crews can't get degrees in less common fields like general studies or criminal justice.

            Sample Job Role Summary for A Ground Crew Job

            We're happy to say that we're looking for an experienced, nice, and friendly person to join our ground crew. The person on the ground crew will greet passengers and answer any questions they may have. As a member of the ground staff, you will sell plane tickets and, when necessary, make reservations. It's a plus if the candidate has worked as ground staff or in a similar job in the travel department before. You must be able to talk to people well and pay close attention to details. You should also know about things like weather, flight delays, and schedules that could affect how people get to their destinations. You also need to be able to solve problems with passengers quickly. Apply now for airline ground crew jobs if you fulfil this criteria.