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              Australian Pilots - Join Vista America
              Direct Employer
              Australian Pilots - Join Vista America Vista
              Full time
              Upto $215,477
              2 days ago
              Virgin Atlantic - B787 FOs & SFOs Full Type Rating
              Virgin Atlantic - B787 FOs & SFOs Full Type Rating ZENON
              London, United Kingdom
              Full time
              2 days ago
              Direct Entry Captain ATR72-600
              Direct Employer
              Direct Entry Captain ATR72-600 Aurigny
              Full time
              Upto £61,734
              2 days ago
              B777/B787 Type Rated Captain
              B777/B787 Type Rated Captain CAE Parc Aviation
              Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom
              2 days ago
              Turbo Prop Captain - Malta Base
              Turbo Prop Captain - Malta Base CAE Parc Aviation
              Full time
              2 days ago
              Dash 8 First Officers
              Dash 8 First Officers ZENON
              Mediterranean Region, Turkey
              2 days ago
              Virgin Atlantic - Fast Jet Direct Entry SFO
              Virgin Atlantic - Fast Jet Direct Entry SFO ZENON
              Guildford, Surrey, England
              Full time
              2 days ago
              EASA ATR 72 Captains
              EASA ATR 72 Captains ZENON
              3 days ago
              A320 Captain
              A320 Captain Aeroprofessional Ltd
              United Kingdom
              Full time
              3 days ago
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              Frequently asked questions

              How to become a Pilot: a step by step guide can help you develop basic understanding. In the UK, if you want to become a Commercial Pilot, you must have an Airline Transport Pilot License and a Class 1 medical certificate. You have to be 18 years old to sign up for the training, but you can't get your ATPL until you're 21. 16–18 months are needed to learn how to fly. You can prepare yourself for 329 technical pilot interview questions that are commonly asked.

              Pilots can be Fighter Pilots, Commercial Pilots, Pilots who fly for fun, Pilots who fly for sports, and those who fly cargo. Fighter Pilots fly military planes, Commercial Pilot jobs are posted by airlines for people who want to fly commercial planes, recreational Pilots take people on tours of different places, and Cargo Pilots fly planes that carry goods.

              The average salary of a Pilot in the UK varies depending on factors like the airline, how much experience they have, and what kind of plane they fly. Overall, Pilots get good pay and benefits like health, dental, and vision insurance, paid holidays that change based on how long they've worked for an airline, free flights, and more.

              If you want to know how to be a Pilot, you should know that the training is expensive and hard. However, if you want to fly commercial planes or other types of planes, it won't be hard to finish the training and pass the medical and other tests. The training should take about two years, and you need to make sure you can pay for the flying course. 33 non-technical pilot interview questions and answers are important to know so you can make a good impression.

              You can make a lucrative Airline Captain career. You get to earn well, travel around the world and meet new people. Gaining experience as a commercial Pilot will improve the chances of your landing a more rewarding job at a bigger airline. Explore the latest Helicopter Pilot jobs as well as b777 captain jobs on Aviation Job Search!

              A pilot should be able to do maths and understand how things work. It is very important to be able to process technical information, be aware of your surroundings, and have good communication skills. All such attributes are extremely important for the pilots to be able to fly the aircraft with full confidence.

              On average, airline pilots fly for 75 hours a month, but they spend another 150 hours a month doing things like planning flights, getting weather reports, and other bits. Federal rules about how many hours a pilot can fly and how much time they need to rest between flights play a big role in how many hours a pilot will fly.

              If you want to know How to become a Commercial Pilot, it is important to choose the best flight school. Knowing the requirements for hiring and the different kinds of planes ahead of time can help you get ready for the exact airline job you want.

              A Pilot is technically sound and knows how to operate the aircraft. To make sure everything is safe, pilots make a flight plan and check the engines, radar, navigation systems, etc. before taking off. They also communicate with air traffic control to ask for permission to land or take off, or to report any changes to the flight plan.


              What are Pilots Jobs Like

              First Officer jobs are for the Pilots who have flown for about 3000 hours and help the Captain fly the plane. The second officer is the third person in the chain of command. They work on longer flights. The Pilots with the most experience are the Captains. They have been in the air for over 3,500 hours. The other qualifications depend on the airline and the plane. First, both private and government airlines look for Second Officers and Pilots. Fighter Pilots are trained by the military to fly the planes and helicopters that are used in war. Pilots of helicopters work for both the government and private companies. You can also go for Private Pilot, firefighting Pilot, Cargo Pilot jobs to transfer shipments or even b777 pilot jobs.

              Pilots Jobs’ Responsibilities 

              Pilots fly different kinds of planes, but their main responsibilities are pretty much the same. Some of these things include checking the planes' fuel, equipment, and navigation systems before and after flights. They have to make sure that the plane is run in a safe way. They are also responsible for keeping an eye on the weather and talking with air traffic control. Before telling the cabin crew to get ready for takeoff, the Pilots look over the flight plans and figure out the best routes. They stay up-to-date on what the plane has and how it works. When there is bad weather or an emergency, the 737 Pilot jobs require you to keep the rest of the flight crew and passengers calm and informed. You can also explore the option of Test Pilot vacancies if you want to fly newly modified aircraft.

              Skills Required to Build Pilots’ Careers 

              Pilots must always be aware of what's going on around them and act in a professional way. You also need to be able to talk to the crew on board, the air traffic controllers, and the passengers well if you want to do this Copilot job. Captains need to be good leaders, especially when it comes to being smart and able to get things done. Pilots also need to be able to make decisions and fly an airplane in tough situations. After you've compared the best options, problem-solving and critical thinking will help you come up with ideas for how to fix problems on flights. Pilots are more likely to be good if they act with confidence. Make a profile on Aviation Job Search that stands out and apply for low-hour Pilot opportunities, first officer Pilot jobs along with a320 Captain jobs that match your skills and experience.

              Essential Skills for A Successful UAV Pilot

              To get a job with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), you need to have the right skills and knowledge, just like with any other job. You should know a little bit about communication and media production, do your work well and pay attention to even the smallest details, and be open to change. You should be able to deal with criticism and still do your best work. It would be best if you could put your plans into action. You need to have patience and be able to keep your cool in stressful situations. Lastly, you must know how to use a computer or hand-held device to do simple tasks. Please keep in mind that we haven't listed all of your skills. Depending on the job, you might need different or new skills.

              Businesses That Hire Commercial Drone Pilots

              Commercial Drone Pilots are hired by businesses to take pictures and videos from the air. Drone technology has also been used in many other ways by companies. Drone Pilots are being used by businesses in the agriculture industry to check out farmlands and irrigation systems. UAVs are used by companies that build things to take pictures and videos of land. By using it, they plan to make 3-D models ahead of time. Mail and other packages can also be sent with UAVs. UAV Pilots in the emergency services use drones to look at a situation from a bird's-eye view. It helps people who are stuck in hard-to-reach places get the medical supplies they need.