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When it comes to job posting, the job post pricing may vary depending on the platform, package you choose, duration of the job post, the number of posts you want to publish, and the level of visibility you need for your job posting. However, in general, posting a job online is quite affordable and can save you a lot of time and money compared to traditional methods. The job posting process is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps. Just select the job posting platform, create an account, and post a job. Once the job is posted, you can manage and track the job posting performance through the platform. Overall, the cost to post a job online is relatively low, and it is an effective way to reach a larger pool of candidates at a reasonable price.

As a niche job board, we focus on quality over quantity. While it can be tempting to cast the net far and wide using generic job boards or aviation recruitment agencies, they can attract a lot of unsuitable applications which can waste the valuable time of hiring managers. We attract jobseekers with specialist skills as they can conduct a search to an intricate level. If you are looking to streamline cabin crew recruitment or want to hire pilots, we offer the best possible solutions.

It isn’t an exact science as the number will vary depending on the role you are looking to fill, but if you give us a call on +44 1772 639605, we can provide you with all the relevant stats needed to make your decision. With multiple partners we make sure your job adverts get the maximum amount of exposure.

Since we launched in 1999, we’ve established ourselves as the world’s leading aviation job board, with thousands of jobseekers visiting to our site every month. At the last count, we had over 680,000 registered jobseekers and we work hard every day to ensure that number continues to grow.

We invest heavily into PPC, partnerships, content marketing, social media, live and virtual job fairs to ensure we’re always at the forefront of a jobseekers mind when they’re searching for a new position.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our packages to meet the needs of our customers, however, every business is different. Simply give us a call on +44 1772 639605 and one of our expert team will find solutions that best meet your aviation recruitment requirements.

We track everything so you can see for yourself how well your campaign has performed. You’ll have your own dashboard so you can log in at any point to monitor the success.

Absolutely. We have a range of products and aviation recruitment services, purposely designed for positions that are notoriously difficult to fill. Simply let us know the challenges you’re facing in aviation headhunting and what your ideal candidate looks like, and we’ll provide solutions to solve the problem.

To advertise a job successfully, create a tailored compelling job description which clearly communicates the requirements and responsibilities and highlight the skills and experience necessary to excel in the role. Be sure to include information about the company culture and values. A strategic approach of advertising a job can attract qualified candidates and find the right person for the job.

If you have a question which was not answered here, please get in touch at and we’ll be happy to help.