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JSSI Illinois, United States, North America
Direct Employer
Deputy Head of CAMO CAE Parc Aviation Germany, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000
Junior Quality Manager CAE Parc Aviation Germany, Europe (non-UK)
Direct Employer Project Engineer Gama Aviation Burgess Hill, West Sussex, South East
AEA Deputy Manager Excel Technical Consulting Lincolnshire, East Midlands, UK [United Kingdom] £1 - £2
Compliance Manager CAE Parc Aviation Germany, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000
Helicopter Landing Site Officer Aviation Job Search Saudi Arabia, Middle East
Offshore Safety Manager Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK) €6,000 - €7,000
Direct Employer Safety Manager Atlantic Aviation Group Shannon, Clare, Ireland
Direct Employer CAMO Fleet Engineer Xfly Tallinn, Estonia, Europe (non-UK)
Direct Employer Maintenance Control Centre Engineer Xfly Tallinn, Estonia, Europe (non-UK)

Frequently asked questions

Safety in aviation refers to all the measures that are taken in order to achieve the task of a smooth and flawless airplane flight. Aircraft Safety jobs include a multitude of ranks and roles that aim at ensuring a safe, trouble-free, and enjoyable flight experience.

It is needless to say that Aviation Safety is a crucial, perhaps even the most critical, part of the entire aviation sector. It is so because it involves the lives of hundreds of onboard crew and passengers. Therefore, Aircraft Safety jobs are specifically related to ensuring the maximum security and safety of all the passengers and crew.

There are a number of changes made across the years in order to maximise and improve the safety of aviation. A few important and prominent amongst them are air accident investigations and Aircraft Safety inspections, and improvements in better quality control.

If you wish to be eligible to apply to Aircraft Safety vacancies, you need to have a pertinent educational background as well as some experience in Aviation Safety. The exact educational requirements vary depending upon the rank and the role in Aviation Safety.

In order to build successful Aircraft Safety careers, you need to have some basic skills like communication, compliance, writing, and other soft skills. You can find out more about the skills needed in this job and apply for newly posted aviation opportunities on Aviation Job Search.


What are Aircraft Safety Jobs Like? 

Aviation Safety is basically all the efforts put into delivering a risk-free flying experience to the passengers and crew alike. In Aircraft Safety jobs, there are a number of ranks and roles that all cooperate and work together to manage aviation risks. Aviation Safety involves the research, the practice, and the implementation of the Aviation Safety laws. These goals are usually achieved by educating and training the air travel personnel, suggesting changes in the infrastructure of aircrafts and other airborne equipment. 

Aircraft Safety Job Responsibilities 

A number of roles and tasks are performed in Aircraft Safety careers, all aimed at collectively achieving the goal of a risk-free aviation experience. The main responsibilities that fall under this umbrella term include studying and practicing the Aviation Safety rules, training and educating the air travel personnel, conducting research to improve the infrastructure of airborne equipment, and suggesting improvements in manufacturing process. 

Skills Required For Building Aircraft Safety Careers 

In order to build a successful career in Aviation Safety, you are needed to be in possession of a number of skills and personal traits. The most important ones amongst them are good management, compliance, communication, and attentive skills. You should also stick to a strict work ethic. You can find out more about avsec jobs on the website of Aviation Job Search