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            B2 Licensed Engineer
            B2 Licensed Engineer Qualitair
            £70,000 - £80,000
            13 days ago
            10 Hours to Apply
            B2 Licensed Engineer
            B2 Licensed Engineer HumanX Ltd
            14 days ago
            UK CAA or EASA B2 H225 or AS365 Engineers - Kuwait
            UK CAA or EASA B2 H225 or AS365 Engineers - Kuwait Lupos Global Limited
            Full time
            €70,000 - €72,000
            14 days ago
            B2 Licensed Engineer - EMB190 E2
            B2 Licensed Engineer - EMB190 E2 Mane Contract Services
            Watford, Hertfordshire, England
            17 days ago
            B2 Licensed Engineer - Nationwide
            B2 Licensed Engineer - Nationwide Holborn Engineering
            London Stansted Airport, Uttlesford, Essex
            Full time
            £75,000 - £80,000
            18 days ago
            B2 Licensed Engineer
            Direct Employer
            B2 Licensed Engineer Avalon Aero Ltd
            Lydd Airport, Folkestone and Hythe District, Kent
            Full time
            19 days ago
            B2 Rotary Contract
            B2 Rotary Contract Excel Technical Consulting
            19 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            The B2 Engineer job description includes focusing on managing the necessary maintenance and repair checks concerned with the electrical systems and equipment on an aircraft. After the completion of work, they approve its quality before conveying the technical information to others. They ensure that the crew is informed about any modifications made in the aircraft system.

            The aircraft maintenance engineers licence is divided into two main categories, B1 and B2. Those who hold B1 licence focus on maintenance work of aircraft engines and frames. Whereas, the ones with B2 licence do repair work of the electrical systems and equipment. After acquiring the B2 licence, you can work your way up to the Category C licence.

            You have to get relevant qualifications and experience to start working as a B2 engineer. After completing the Part -147 course, you are eligible to apply for Part - 66 licence. The candidate is required to show capability by completing the minimum number of hours working on aircraft types. Those who enrol in apprenticeship will have its cost paid by the company.

            You can become a B2 engineer by completing the certified course and acquiring the technical skills. A qualified engineer supervises all the practical work which is performed during the training. The candidates also accept the candidates for an apprenticeship, but you need to have higher GCSE grades. To search for b2 licensed engineer jobs, visit Aviation Job Search.

            Like all other jobs in Aviation, being a B2 engineer can be challenging but you can overcome all the hurdles by having sound technical knowledge, ability to meet the deadline and exceptional problem-solving skills. Heavy responsibility lies on their shoulders because they inspect the aircraft and have to fix all the problems that can affect the aircraft performance.

            Mechanical is more versatile than avionics, and you can expand your sphere of influence. If a mechanical engineer has the necessary skills, even an industry that requires avionics experts will hire him.

            There is a significant demand for B2 Licenced Engineer (aviation technicians), which is expected to increase. However, aviation technicians’ prospects depend on the spending of the companies. 

            Avionics refers to all electrical systems used in aviation, including navigation, safety, and flight management. These systems allow flight crews to safely and efficiently transport passengers and cargo.

            If you are thinking what are the main responsibilities of a B2 engineer? The answer is that the job of a B2 aircraft engineer can be stressful. Aircraft engineers must quickly identify and correct any avionics-related issues so that the airlines can keep their flight schedules. Avionics engineers are responsible for the safety and security of everyone on the aeroplane they certify as safe.

            Yes, since engineering students are more likely to drop out than other majors. Studies have shown that half of the engineering majors either change or leave before graduating. Students drop out of engineering programs because they are not prepared for the rigorous requirements ahead.


            B2 Licensed Engineer Job Description

            The essential maintenance and repair tests on an aircraft's electrical systems and equipment are overseen by a B2 Licensed Engineer. Under Part-66, the EASA member nations have three primary levels of aerospace engineering licences: A, B, and C. Those who hold the B2 licence conduct maintenance work on the aircraft’s electrical systems. Their work is more closely related to avionics and they especially focus on the working of the instruments and electronics equipment installed in the aircraft. The B2 engineers have a knack of understanding the complex engineering diagrams and inspect the aircraft’s electrical system before carrying out any maintenance. 

            B2 Licensed Engineer Job Responsibilities

            The B2 licensed engineer is responsible for performing essential maintenance and checks on aircraft instruments and electrical systems. These aircraft maintenance engineers are also responsible for conducting inspections and general tasks/repair work. They are accountable for getting approval of the completed work's quality and assisting pilots by analysing and interpreting technical data. They must also be capable of identifying the state of the aircraft's components and equipment and ascertain that workers and other departments are aware of any problems and the steps taken to resolve them.

            Skills Required to Build a B2 Licensed Engineer Career

            The engineer must work under pressure while making fast and accurate decisions and possess a thorough knowledge of aircraft and healthy & safety procedures. They must be able to pay close attention to detail to ensure checks are completed thoroughly. Excellent coordination, interpersonal and communication skills are required to ensure flight crews and departments are fully informed, and projects are completed on time. Experience in flying an aircraft is hugely advantageous. A good fitness level is required as the role will include heavy lifting, lots of walking and climbing of ladders. To find out about B2 Licenced Engineer Jobs, please visit Aviation Job Search.

            Career Progression of a B2 Licensed Engineer

            B2 Licensed Engineers can continue their professional education and work towards their Category B license. That permits an engineer to issue a Certificate Of Release of Service to an aircraft for it to be completed and released for use. It can also allow them to command a higher salary. You can obtain a Category C license by passing the required qualifications and gaining experience. B2 licensed engineers can find better-paying jobs in the military or at larger airlines. These roles require highly skilled engineers with extensive experience.

            Work Conditions of B2 Aircraft Engineer

            There might be a slight deviation from the norm depending on who they work for, i.e., private companies or the armed forces. Typically, B2 aircraft engineers can work anywhere from indoors, in the hangar or workshops, to outdoors on the runway or to the area where the aircraft is waiting for departure. The hangar is well ventilated, and strict safety regulations ensure that hazards are minimized. They might work overtime, shiftwork, be available on weekends, or be on call.

            Technologies and Tools Used By B2 Engineers

            B2 engineers for aircraft use power tools like pneumatic drills and grinders. To remove engines and other components of aircraft, hoists can be used. Then the parts can be disassembled and tested with specialised equipment to check for corrosion and electrical signals. Sometimes pieces can be x-rayed to identify cracks that may not be obvious to the naked eye. Protective clothing such as overalls and safety glasses are required for aircraft maintenance engineers. They may need to wear high-visibility clothing, particularly when working on the asphalt.