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What are the main responsibilities of a B2 engineer?

What are the main responsibilities of a B2 engineer?

Unlike many other professions, the aviation industry has licences and permits for every job done, whether onboard the aeroplane or on the ground. They have an added responsibility regarding the safety and comfort of the passengers; therefore, aviation authorities worldwide issue licences to employees performing various jobs roles. Just like a pilot is issued a licence for flying an aircraft, a maintenance engineer also has to obtain a certification to work on an aircraft. 

A legal framework has been set up by the EASA member countries to issue licences to aircraft maintenance engineers. The Part 66 licensing system has three main components; A, B, and C. Category B is further subdivided into B1, B2, and B3 permits, which allow aircraft engineers to carry out different maintenance tasks on an aircraft. B2 engineers are focused on managing the important repair and maintenance checks relating to the electrical equipment and systems on an aircraft. 

Job responsibilities of a B2 engineer  

With huge responsibility can come great financial rewards for a maintenance engineer. A maintenance engineer has to deal with all the maintenance tasks including the scheduled and unscheduled activities in response to the requirements of the airline. They may also have to supervise and delegate resources to ensure that the aircraft operations run smoothly. With their aim to prioritise quality and safety, aircraft engineers have to take into account health and safety protocols while carrying out maintenance tasks. 

The maintenance team not only identifies and investigates defects; it also rectifies, repairs, and modifies the issues. They are required to uphold the culture and values of the airline while ensuring to keep the engineering practices in accordance with the regulatory bodies, such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in case of the UK, or the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Europe. 

Some B2 engineer responsibilities include; 

  • Perform maintenance tasks and keep a check on electrical systems and aircraft instruments
  • Conduct inspections as well as general repair work
  • Accountable for providing approval of the quality of work completed
  • Assist pilots by interpreting and analysing technical information about the aircraft
  • Understand engineering manuals and diagrams
  • Ensure that different departments of the airline along with the crew are debriefed about the issues and proper measures are taken to rectify them

Duties of a B2 engineer 

Some of the main b2 engineer duties include; 

  • Ensure complete documentation of aircraft maintenance 
  • Keep senior managers informed about issues and requirements
  • Ensure the replenishment of aircraft components 
  • Maintain standard aviation protocols and engineering practices 


Skills required for a B2 engineer 

No profession is complete without a certain set of skills. In general, you must demonstrate your competence in the field you work. Some attributes needed to become a B2 engineer are;

  • Ability to work under pressure when making accurate and fast decisions
  • Thorough knowledge of safety and health procedures of the aircraft
  • Thorough attention to detail to accomplish the tasks and ensure proper checks
  • Strong communication skills to properly inform colleagues about problems and rectify them
  • Experience in flying an aircraft is an added bonus
  • Physical and mentally fit to be able to perform all the tasks
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills to tackle complex issues as well as offer creative solutions 

B2 engineer career progression 

To achieve professional development, B2 engineers can continue working towards obtaining their Category C licence which can be done through further educational qualification as well as relevant experience. A category C licence allows the engineer to issue certificates of release to service following maintenance work on an aircraft. Recurrent training is part of the maintenance engineer job role. A self-motivated engineer working with full dedication and commitment can become a Senior Service Engineer and then progress further by getting the job of a Quality Manager. 

With several years' experience under their belt, a B2 engineer can take charge as an Operations Manager, monitoring and supervising various teams of mechanics and technicians. As their career path moves upwards, the salary as well as the job perks of a B2 engineer rise including lodging and travel expenses, retirement plans, and medical allowances. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is a B2 engineer?

A B2 engineer is a licensed aircraft specialist who focuses on the maintenance and repairs of the aircraft relating to its equipment and electrical systems, such as navigation, communication, radar and entertainment systems. In general, a B2 engineer is concerned with the avionics of the aircraft and certifies whether the aircraft is ready to use for service or not. 

What are the responsibilities of a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer?

One of the major responsibilities of an aircraft engineer is to carry out maintenance checks and overhaul programs of an aircraft. They check the condition of the aircraft and make necessary adjustments and replacements that are in accordance with the maintenance procedures approved by the CAA (in the UK). Their aim is to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including the crew and the passengers. 

What skills do aeronautical engineers need?

The work environment of an aeronautical engineer is multidisciplinary – they should have a clear understanding of how other engineering disciplines relate to aerospace engineering. They should demonstrate an analytical approach to issues and use their problem solving skills to identify and rectify problems. Great interpersonal skills help them explain the problems and address them reasonably. 

What is EASA Part 66 B2?

EASA Part 66 B2 is a licence that permits the holder to carry out maintenance work on an aircraft including electric system and avionics. This Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) is everything an employee needs to perform their duties relating to the aircraft. 

What are B1 and B2 engineers?

Category B is a standard licence system that provides a certification to aircraft engineers. It is subdivided into two main categories; B1 and B2. B1 is related to the mechanics and deals with the airframes and aircraft engines. B2 is related to avionics and deals with the electrical equipment and instrumentation of an aircraft. 


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