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Interviews Tell us your experiences!
71  987.49k 6 months ago
71 987.49k 6 months ago by Rachid Anssari
Wannabe Cabin Crew For those just starting out!
113  544.01k 1 year ago
113 544.01k 1 year ago by Sarah McMillan
Current Cabin Crew Jobs For all announcements relating to cabin crew jobs
126  960.44k 4 months ago
126 960.44k 4 months ago by Emad Omda
Experienced Cabin Crew For the Veterans!
57  183.65k 9 months ago
57 183.65k 9 months ago by annaliona
Qatar airways rejoining Qatar airways rejoining rejoiner rejoiners ex-crew...
3  345 1 year ago
3 345 1 year ago by Josie
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Anything else! Whatever takes your fancy!
5  30.3k 1 year ago
5 30.3k 1 year ago by ScottPi
Travel Agents and Travel Reps For all you travel industry people!
2  10.38k 11 months ago
2 10.38k 11 months ago by Raymond hicks arlo
Cabin Crew Jobs Info on our new jobs service
51  205.29k 1 year ago
51 205.29k 1 year ago by Xenia Barnes
Fun Stuff! Jokes and funny stories from the cabin!!
7  58.28k 1 year ago
7 58.28k 1 year ago by Celine Dion
Electrical Engineering Jons Starting a job in the electrical engineers industr...
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Middle East Airlines Forum Emirates, Gulf, Etihad, Qatar.......
718  4k 2 months ago
718 4k 2 months ago by Jordan Walker
Aer Lingus All posts relating to Aer Lingus
39  428.37k 1 year ago
39 428.37k 1 year ago by Aaron
British Airways Specific to British Airways
40  6k 10 months ago
40 6k 10 months ago by Marky Mcdoe
Qantas UK Forum For those working at Qantas UK
31  373.53k 1 year ago
31 373.53k 1 year ago by Charles Carter
Easyjet Forum dedicated to Easy world..!
266  596.88k 11 months ago
266 596.88k 11 months ago by KL17
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Any aviation job Jobs
8  2.52k 7 months ago
8 2.52k 7 months ago by Ugwushi Okwodu
Electrical Engineering How to start a career
1  46 9 months ago
1 46 9 months ago by Grace Turner
Winter Work for Seasonal Crew Winter working opportunity for seasonal crew, Ruge...
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Flydubai jobs Jobs in Dubai's aviation sector.
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Will qatar hire a pilot how re... does having gross misconduct affect getting hired
2  1.06k 1 year ago
2 1.06k 1 year ago by Richard Cornish
Pilots jobs in the UK for FAA... This topic is created for pilots holding an FAA ce...
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Abdul samad 4 months ago

Hello every one hope you are going well ,please help out for these two designated job  i have passion to work in airlines industries also i have experience related this field .

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Anke Reilly 5 months ago

Hi, there.I just recently started my career in Aviation, I have worked for Wilson James Limited, as PRM , I took interests in Aviation last year May , coming from health and social care industry, whic...

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Flyawayxxx 5 months ago

Hello. I wanted to ask experienced crew what is it that your management does for you that you like? If you are a loyal fan of your airline that probably means you have good management so what is it th...

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Anddy Ayuk Ayuktakor 5 months ago

Greetings and hope this message finds you well. My name is Anddy Ayuk, I am a Cameroonian, I am residing in Dubai,United Arab Emirates. I hold a strong background experience in the hospitality industr...

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Afsar Ali 5 months ago

I have 6 years experience as Equipment Operator in Aviation Ground.  And I'm looking for an opportunity.