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Wannabe Cabin Crew For those just starting out!
123  542.76k 1 month ago
123 542.76k 1 month ago by Feltonrolfson
Interviews Tell us your experiences!
111  984.38k 1 week ago
111 984.38k 1 week ago by Denis Brown
Experienced Cabin Crew For the Veterans!
69  183.04k 3 weeks ago
69 183.04k 3 weeks ago by John Garrix
Current Cabin Crew Jobs For all announcements relating to cabin crew jobs
147  957.34k 1 week ago
147 957.34k 1 week ago by B. Jetton Lorraine
Emirates email not progressed... Emirates email not progressed further at this time
14  126 5 months ago
14 126 5 months ago by frederickgragg
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Anything else! Whatever takes your fancy!
25  27.57k 4 days ago
25 27.57k 4 days ago by Lignat
Fun Stuff! Jokes and funny stories from the cabin!!
17  57.58k 2 hours ago
17 57.58k 2 hours ago by cameron jammy
Cabin Crew Jobs Info on our new jobs service
67  203.95k 3 days ago
67 203.95k 3 days ago by Viii Kozyt
Travel Agents and Travel Reps For all you travel industry people!
6  9.89k 2 months ago
6 9.89k 2 months ago by Lucky Bird
Electrical Engineering Jons Starting a job in the electrical engineers industr...
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7 0 -
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Middle East Airlines Forum Emirates, Gulf, Etihad, Qatar.......
730  4k 10 hours ago
730 4k 10 hours ago by Aviation Enthu
Regional Airline Operators For those who are operating regional services
12  67.05k 1 month ago
12 67.05k 1 month ago by Feltonrolfson
Aer Lingus All posts relating to Aer Lingus
43  426.52k 4 months ago
43 426.52k 4 months ago by Alex Gan
Easyjet Forum dedicated to Easy world..!
270  593.75k 4 months ago
270 593.75k 4 months ago by KL17
Virgin Atlantic Specific to Virgin Atlantic!
166  632.73k 6 months ago
166 632.73k 6 months ago by games vex
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Electrical Engineering How to start a career
7  32 1 week ago
7 32 1 week ago by Mojtaba Ebrahimizadeh
Winter Work for Seasonal Crew Winter working opportunity for seasonal crew, Ruge...
2  0 -
2 0 -
Any aviation job Jobs
37  1.15k 1 month ago
37 1.15k 1 month ago by Ugwushi Okwodu
Flydubai jobs Jobs in Dubai's aviation sector.
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1 0 -
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Pilots jobs in the UK for FAA... This topic is created for pilots holding an FAA ce...
4  22 -
4 22 -
Will qatar hire a pilot how re... does having gross misconduct affect getting hired
6  1.02k 7 months ago
6 1.02k 7 months ago by Alex John
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Netive Enal 4 weeks ago

This forum delves into the critical significance of having travel and auto insurance. Join the conversation to learn about legal requirements, financial protection, and the peace of mind that travel a...

#Insurance #Forum
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jack 4 weeks ago

So, I'm wanting to be a flight attendant. One thing that scares me, however, is the fact that, whichever airline I choose, I can't choose my Home Base. All of my family lives in Arizona, and I try to...

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Saurabh Rai 1 month ago

How to apply

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Shaiwal sakhare 2 months ago

If anybody has refrence kindly let me know.

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what jobs i can get as an aeronautical engineering student , what certification advances my career in aeronautical engineering field? and what steps i have to take to get high paying jobs in this fiel...

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