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Opportunities for ex-P&O staff A thread for users to share and discuss opportunit...
14  2.68k 3 months ago
14 2.68k 3 months ago by Noah flora
BUZZ training course Warsaw, 1... Joining the BUZZ training course Warsaw, 18th of O...
99  3.37k 2 days ago
99 3.37k 2 days ago by Alicia Leonard
Anti-Depressants Can you take anti-depressants as crew?
21  6.14k 2 weeks ago
21 6.14k 2 weeks ago by Jenny Lisbon
Australia and New Zealand Foru... For all our members down under....!
70  286.47k 5 days ago
70 286.47k 5 days ago by Powerful Spell Caster Africa-Europe-Asia-Usa (mamahealer)
Cabin Crew Advice Here to answer all your questions, everything cabi...
16  7.42k 2 months ago
16 7.42k 2 months ago by Gianluigi Friala
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Travel Agents and Travel Reps For all you travel industry people!
18  48.81k 4 hours ago
18 48.81k 4 hours ago by saudi arabia
Welcome to the Aviation Career... A big welcome to all users on the Aviation Career...
12  3.49k 5 days ago
12 3.49k 5 days ago by Colby Adkins
Cabin Crew Jobs Info on our new jobs service
81  287.09k 2 days ago
81 287.09k 2 days ago by Carla Seymour
Ground Handling Forum For all those who stay on terra firma
13  126.82k 1 month ago
13 126.82k 1 month ago by Asif khan
Anything else! Whatever takes your fancy!
18  21.08k 3 days ago
18 21.08k 3 days ago by Rien Min
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Easyjet Forum dedicated to Easy world..!
331  709.23k 6 days ago
331 709.23k 6 days ago by ECC83
Middle East Airlines Forum Emirates, Gulf, Etihad, Qatar.......
895  4k 38 minutes ago
895 4k 38 minutes ago by Natalia
Virgin Atlantic Specific to Virgin Atlantic!
255  847.75k 12 hours ago
255 847.75k 12 hours ago by Shell89
Aer Lingus All posts relating to Aer Lingus
46  443.08k 1 week ago
46 443.08k 1 week ago by John S
Ryanair Dedicated Ryanair forum!
448  786.47k 1 day ago
448 786.47k 1 day ago by Dhruv Kangalee
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Flugbegleiter für alle deutsch sprechende Flugbegleiter
3  22.68k 4 weeks ago
3 22.68k 4 weeks ago by herrylauu0
PNC Personnel Navigant commercial- Forum de discussion
4  31.5k 6 months ago
4 31.5k 6 months ago by Maas
Personal de vuelo Foro de Personal de vuelo
5  41k 1 month ago
5 41k 1 month ago by loan financial
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CV writing Designed to help aviation professionals with craft...
19  3.19k 23 hours ago
19 3.19k 23 hours ago by Lockett23
NDT Aircraft Technician Level... NDT - Non destructive Testing Aircraft Technician...
167  9.92k 6 hours ago
167 9.92k 6 hours ago by janetslater459
Any aviation job Jobs
55  4.69k 6 days ago
55 4.69k 6 days ago by Isadoras
Star In New TV Show! 12 Yard Productions Is Looking For People For New...
8  26.83k 4 days ago
8 26.83k 4 days ago by Garuba Spell Temple
Demand Planner or Inventory Co... I wanted to work in Aviation industry that is my d...
10  2.93k 6 days ago
10 2.93k 6 days ago by Aphrodite
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Pilots I would like to know more about this topic
7  1.03k 3 months ago
7 1.03k 3 months ago by William The
Degree/No degree?? Confused about whether I should get a college degr...
6  805 3 weeks ago
6 805 3 weeks ago by Alex Hale
Business jet airplanes captain Is there any job openings for business aviation ai...
5  165 1 week ago
5 165 1 week ago by Aadil Mclean
Will qatar hire a pilot how re... does having gross misconduct affect getting hired
4  909 3 weeks ago
4 909 3 weeks ago by Richard Cornish
Company info about airline companies, their culture, life as a...
1  950 4 days ago
1 950 4 days ago by Blue Vicente
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Aircraft Engineer's intros This is essentially just an area of the Career Hub...
23  3.34k 3 weeks ago
23 3.34k 3 weeks ago by Aliasghar Jahani

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