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Interviews Tell us your experiences!
89  980.98k 21 hours ago
89 980.98k 21 hours ago by Murphy Jack
Wannabe Cabin Crew For those just starting out!
117  541.93k 2 weeks ago
117 541.93k 2 weeks ago by Negin Ashrafi dehkordi
Experienced Cabin Crew For the Veterans!
61  182.07k 9 hours ago
61 182.07k 9 hours ago by Robert Pateson
Current Cabin Crew Jobs For all announcements relating to cabin crew jobs
138  955.38k 13 hours ago
138 955.38k 13 hours ago by Waleed sattar
Qatar airways rejoining Qatar airways rejoining rejoiner rejoiners ex-crew...
1  63 2 days ago
1 63 2 days ago by Unitha
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Anything else! Whatever takes your fancy!
11  21.9k 3 days ago
11 21.9k 3 days ago by Andrew kevin
Fun Stuff! Jokes and funny stories from the cabin!!
9  57.17k 3 weeks ago
9 57.17k 3 weeks ago by Celine Dion
Travel Agents and Travel Reps For all you travel industry people!
2  8.91k 1 week ago
2 8.91k 1 week ago by jackgreen09
Cabin Crew Jobs Info on our new jobs service
56  203.2k 2 weeks ago
56 203.2k 2 weeks ago by meny09347
Electrical Engineering Jons Starting a job in the electrical engineers industr...
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Virgin Atlantic Specific to Virgin Atlantic!
163  630.33k 2 weeks ago
163 630.33k 2 weeks ago by swiz monaco
Middle East Airlines Forum Emirates, Gulf, Etihad, Qatar.......
717  3k 2 days ago
717 3k 2 days ago by Taira
Qantas UK Forum For those working at Qantas UK
39  370.79k 2 weeks ago
39 370.79k 2 weeks ago by swiz monaco
Easyjet Forum dedicated to Easy world..!
269  590.05k 1 week ago
269 590.05k 1 week ago by frank sievers
FLYBE News and Views from those at Flybe
27  192.17k 1 year ago
27 192.17k 1 year ago by hasnain khatri
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Electrical Engineering How to start a career
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Any aviation job Jobs
24  729 1 week ago
24 729 1 week ago by Shivani sagar
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Will qatar hire a pilot how re... does having gross misconduct affect getting hired
4  899 1 week ago
4 899 1 week ago by Obar Residde
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sanyu maamasanyu 6 days ago

CYPRUS 256704300651  TOP LEADING POWERFUL DEATH SPELL CASTER IN POLAND, JAPAN, INDONESIA, TURKEY , USA+256704300651..??….Dr. Mama Sanyu African Famous Voodoo instant revenge death spell caster well kn...

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Trollydolly83 1 week ago

Has anyone had an interview with BA Euroflyer ?? With the agency one resourcing? 

euroflyer LGW ba
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Kol Riben 1 week ago

Who can help me with my student paper?

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Julia-21 1 week ago

#emirates will be in Addis Ababa on Mar 20 & 21 for Engine maintenance technicians recruitment Don't miss it!!! Talent accusations Mr Ravi Gopal htt...

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Jack Keenan 1 week ago

I would love a career in the Electrical Engineer Industry, I just do not know where to start!

electrical Engineering