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Simulator Instructor AW139 / AW169 Aviation Job Search Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Frequently asked questions

You need to be over 18 years and are required to get a Commercial Pilot Licence (H) to be eligible for flying commercial or other helicopters. The Civil Aviation Authority doesn’t enrol you in the training course for obtaining a licence without doing a thorough medical test that includes checking vision, hearing and fitness of the candidates.

Becoming a helicopter pilot requires passing PPL (H) that usually takes 50-60 hours. ATPL and other commercial licenses can’t be obtained without completing at least 200 flying hours. So, the time duration depends on how quickly or late you are able to complete the test flights before you are issued the licence for becoming a commercial or army helicopter pilot.

Like any other occupation, a lot of dedication and hard work goes into becoming a helicopter pilot. You have to be medically fit and complete the required flying hours for getting the licence from CAA. Once you go through the process, you will be able to apply for helicopter pilot jobs in UK and get a promising and rewarding opportunity.

Pilots for flying commercial, army, and other helicopters are in demand. According to a research study, the number of pilots would decrease during the next decade which means that if you are pursuing your career as a helicopter pilot you are likely to get employment in minimal time. Aviation Job Search makes it simple to find job openings!

The salaries of the helicopter pilots vary and depend on the commercial or Government institution they are working for. The yearly earnings of pilots flying helicopters in the British Army, Navy and Air Force are different from the ones doing corporate and private flights. Overall, pilot helicopters are among the well-paid aviation jobs in the UK.


Helicopter Pilot Job Description

Pilots flying single or multi-engine helicopters ensure that the passengers and cargo safely reach their desired destination. The flights can be commercial and for medical and emergency purposes as well. The pilots can be asked for spraying the crops and dropping food and other supplies to areas that are struck by a natural disaster. Due to the use in filming, photography and in environmental projects, the helicopter pilot job description can vary according to the field or employer you are working with. Being a helicopter pilot in the fire or medical department involves taking the people and equipment where they are required. Pilots flying helicopters in the police, army have different assignments. 

Helicopter Pilot Job Responsibilities

The prime responsibilities of a pilot are controlling the height and speed of the helicopter, effectively using the navigation tools and maintaining communication with the air traffic controller. The roles of commercial helicopter pilot jobs are diverse. If it is a tour trip, they greet the passengers onboard and brief them about the sights they fly over and around. Pilots are assigned different tasks depending on the department or organisation they are working for. It is important for all of them to strictly follow the SOPs when taking off and landing, identifying a technical fault that can lead to an extraordinary situation and providing paperwork for a flight. 

Skills Required for Building Helicopter Pilot Career

For flying any kind of helicopter, you need to have strong nerves and the ability to cope with emergency situations. Pilots are required to be familiar with the latest technology and work under stress and pressure. You will not always have a short flight, there can be long working hours so flexibility and willingness to do the job without worrying about time duration is important. Helicopter pilots must have sound physical, mental health and effective communication skills, and attention to detail for flying. Problem-solving, team coordination and a sense of responsibility are also needed for this role. Aviation Job Search has all kinds of helicopter pilot jobs, explore now!