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Operations & Crewing Manager GOOSE Recruitment UK [United Kingdom] £30,000 - £40,000
Direct Employer Director of Operations m/f/d Heli Service International inc. Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Direct Employer Flight Operations Manager Farnborough Airport Limited Farnborough, Hampshire, South East £48,000 - £51,000

Frequently asked questions

Flight operations manager jobs involve taking care of various affairs at the same time. In flight operations, you make schedules for the flights, for the pilots and the cabin crew. The manager’s main job is to check the traffic both in the air, and manage the operations on the ground. The flight operations officer is also in charge of important documentation.

The flight operations manager salary tends to shift between different individuals based on their geographical location, the airline for which they work, their rank and expertise. Similar to some of the other professions in Aviation, you can work up the ladder and earn more salary after gaining extensive experience in this field.

For those who want to establish flight operations manager careers, a bachelor’s degree in any of the respective fields like aviation studies, aerodynamics, economics, and management is mandatory. After the education, candidates are also required to have the experience in the field of at least one year. After the required training, you are given the certifications.

Undertaking this job means to deal simultaneously with the air traffic as well as the control tower. They are also responsible for interviewing and hiring candidates for different positions in the crew. They oversee the improvement of the flight operations. If you want to know more about flight operations manager recruitment, go to Aviation Job Search.

The director of flight operations is responsible for making sure that the flights don't get delayed. The smooth flow of air traffic means satisfaction of customers and more revenue generation opportunities for the airlines. They supervise the working of all flight operations officers and ensure that things go according to the proposed flight plan.


Flight Operations Manager Job Description 

If you’re an accountable type of individual who can take charge of many different tasks at once, then flight operations manager jobs might just be the right ones for you. A flight operations manager, as the name of the role implies, manages all the different aspects of flight as part of flight operations. These different aspects are scheduling the arrival and departure of different flights, making schedules for the pilots and the crew, overseeing the hiring for different positions, and submitting detailed reports related to the flight. Another important duty of a flight operations manager is to take reports from the different departments working underneath it, and give suggestions. 

Flight Operations Manager Job Responsibilities

The flight operations manager is responsible for managing fleet and crew schedules following the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority. They execute all the minute details regarding the trip and do all paperwork related to the flight. Their duties also include the provision of all the relevant documentation to the flight crew before the departure. Working in close collaboration with the flight crew, including the captain and first officer, is their fundamental responsibility. The ultimate objective of this job role involves removing all the blockades in time that can affect the flight schedule. The operations manager also coordinates with the administrative staff of the airlines for any revisions in the rules and regulations. 

Skills Required For Building Flight Operations Manager Career

Aside from all the expertise and the educational requirements that are asked for this job, flight operations manager careers also demand for a set of personal skills and attributes. In this type of job, you need to make plans and schedules for more than one flight at a time. So the ability to multitask is the basis of this career. A flight operations manager also takes charge of the recruitment of the flight operations officers, so your assessment skills should be sharp. Flight operations managers can also sometimes cancel, divert or shift the passage of different flights in case of any turbulence or emergency, so imminent decision making skills are also needed. Aviation Job Search will provide you with the updated job listings in flight operation management.