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IOCC Flight Dispatcher CAE Parc Aviation Saudi Arabia, Middle East £10,000 - £15,000
Direct Employer Flight Dispatcher Texel Air Bahrain, Middle East
IOCC Flight Dispatcher CAE Parc Aviation Saudi Arabia, Middle East £10,000 - £15,000

Frequently asked questions

The flight dispatchers are also known as the airline dispatchers and work at the operational control centre at the airport. They are part of the team that deals with all the ground handling operations. The flight dispatcher jobs are highly technical with promising future opportunities.

A flight dispatcher should have at least 5 C grade GCSEs, including Math and English. The candidate can also apply with a formal high school education. A degree in air transport or flight operations is preferred. Customer service and aviation expertise are required, as is a valid driver's license and a security check.

Aircraft dispatchers do not wear uniforms like pilots or flight attendants, although all major airlines have a dress code in place. The dress code for the aircraft dispatchers or flight dispatchers is normally professional civilian attire. Every airline has a dress code that is detailed in their code of conduct.

Like any other job, being a Flight dispatcher can be stressful at times, especially when things go wrong and there is bad weather to contend with. Despite the high stress level of work, they are in high demand in the aviation industry. Therefore, you need to be able to handle stressful situations calmly.

An aircraft dispatcher works for an airline and is highly involved in flight planning to ensure the safety of the flight. They examine the plane's crew, monitor the plane in flight, manage operations, and strive for maximum efficiency. An airplane dispatcher also conducts research on weather conditions.


Flight Dispatcher Job Description

The Flight or airline dispatchers coordinate all activity on the airport grounds to ensure that planes arrive and depart safely, quickly, and efficiently. These aircraft dispatchers are also referred to as turnaround coordinators (TCOs) , load controllers. They aid in planning flight routes by considering aircraft performance, thunderstorm and turbulence forecasts in the flight routes, airspace limitations, and airport conditions. The flight dispatcher job description also involves ensuring that pre-flight safety and maintenance checks have been carried out. You can visit Aviation Job Search to find out more about the flight dispatcher vacancies.

Flight Dispatcher Job Responsibilities

The aircraft dispatcher job responsibilities include monitoring aircraft arrivals, departures and amending turnaround schedules if there are delays. By liaising with the ground staff and crew, they must ensure that tasks, such as cleaning, refuelling and loading, are completed on time. They are responsible for calculating how much fuel is required for maintaining the aircraft's weight. The airline dispatcher’s job responsibilities also include calculating the payload (such as weight of passengers, cargo and fuel). They are required to plan where everything must be positioned in the aircraft. They prepare flight paperwork for the crew and weather reports.

Skills Required to Build A Flight Dispatcher Career

To become a successful aircraft dispatcher, you should have strong communication skills combined with excellent planning and IT knowledge. You must gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of security, health and safety to handle unordinary situations tactfully. Excellent problem-solving skills along with good team working skills can help you climb the success ladder fast.  A responsible approach and strategy towards an emergency at the airport is a plus point. You must have the ability to calmly manage flight operations, make decisions quickly, manage more than one task at once and deal with technicalities. For exploring more Flight dispatcher jobs, please visit Aviation Job Search portal.