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Frequently asked questions

There are different licence categories for aircraft maintenance, and diverse ame job opportunities. So, depending on the interest you need to obtain a category A or B licence that includes a training course of 6 months to one year. Applications can be submitted online to the CAA and you aren’t eligible to apply without a “Part 66” licence approved by EASA.

Aircraft maintenance engineers have to be familiar with the avionic and mechanical systems of the airplanes to efficiently repair and maintain them. You are required to get a certificate IV in an aeroskills course that comes with an apprenticeship. For studying maintenance aircraft engineering, you will be required to have 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 5.

You qualify to be an aircraft maintenance engineer after completing the certified course of 6 months and gaining experience of 1 year that is relevant and approved. Another way to go about pursuing your career as an ame engineer is through a self-improver course that can take around three years. Explore job opportunities around you on Aviation Job Search!

If you are enthusiastic about establishing your career in the aviation industry, aircraft maintenance engineering is a great option with bright opportunities in the UK and worldwide. With the diversity of roles and many positions, you can have a brilliant future if you work hard to become a certified and experienced ame engineer. You can progress in the industry after gaining valuable experience.

A day in the life of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer entails inspection of the overall condition of the aircraft and its engine. They also repair, replace and adjust the aircraft parts in line with the stipulated maintenance guidelines. Giving directives to the mechanics also falls under their duty. They make sure that the process of troubleshooting and mechanical diagnosis is carried out effectively and efficiently.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Description

Aircraft maintenance engineers take care of the repairs, maintenance, inspection, and up-gradation of the air vehicles. They make sure that the aircraft is mechanically fit for take-off, landing, and maintaining a steady course during inbound and outbound flights. Maintenance includes checking the fuel, electrical and mechanical systems. Mechanics and avionics engineers are different. If you are in the mechanics’ field, you are supposed to take care of the landing gear, engines, and airframe systems. Being in avionics means you will be inspecting the navigation systems. Aircraft maintenance engineer vacancies are advertised with the description of the nature of work and licence and experience required. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Responsibilities

The ame engineers are responsible for more than just repairs and maintenance of the aircraft. They design and draft strategies and processes for keeping the aircraft efficient, safe, and running. If an old part of a helicopter or airplane is worn out and needs replacement, their work is to ensure it is properly replaced. They also monitor the costs that go into maintaining an aircraft. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers can be called for an emergency repair, they suggest health and safety policies to the clients as well. Aviation Job Search has all the relevant ame job vacancies that will interest you!

Skills Required for Building Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Career

To pursue your career as an ame engineer, you need to have all the necessary and important knowledge about engineering procedures that are required for aviation. Most of the responsibilities of a maintenance engineer are related to finding a problem and investigating it so you need to have sound problem-solving skills. If you aren’t good at communication and people management it will make it difficult to coordinate with the team and complete a task on time. The ability to work within a team and lead and motivate others is also a quality you require for working as an aircraft maintenance engineer.