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            Electrical Assembler
            Electrical Assembler Shorterm Limited
            Southend-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom
            Full time
            2 days ago
            Mechanical Fitter
            Mechanical Fitter Irlam Associates
            Manchester, Greater Manchester, England
            Full time
            £45,000 - £60,000
            3 days ago
            GSE Technician
            GSE Technician Irlam Associates
            London Gatwick Airport, Horley, West Sussex
            Full time
            £45,000 - £60,000
            4 days ago
            Chinook Mechanical Technician
            Chinook Mechanical Technician Carbon60
            Middle Wallop, Hampshire, England
            Full time
            11 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            Mechanical fitters create production machines and other equipment by fitting and assembling metal pieces in the aeroplanes and their appropriate equipment. The aircraft fitter job description includes maintaining and repairing mechanical plant machinery to operational standards using various tools and engineering procedures. The mechanics must possess qualities like precision and attention to detail.

            A Mechanical Fitter is in charge of fitting and assembling metal and other material parts in order to create production gear. They can work in a business in a variety of industries, such as the automobile industry, aviation etc. To find out more details regarding mechanical fitter jobs, please visit the website Aviation Job Search.

            A mechanical fitter must also develop and implement maintenance protocols and schedules for all systems under their care, which may be accomplished by using a well-organised maintenance record. A mechanical fitter's other responsibilities include assembling aircraft’s structural components to create a final system using blueprints as a reference.

            To become a mechanical fitter, you are required to obtain Mechanical Engineering Level 2 Certificate, Maintenance Engineering Technology Level 2 Diploma Fabrication and Welding Engineering Technology, or Level 3 Certificate T Level in Engineering and Manufacturing Maintenance, Installation, and Repair.

            The prerequisites to become a mechanical engineer include 4 or 5 GCSEs (A* to C) or equivalent, including English, maths, and science. For a foundation degree or HND, 1 or 2 A levels, or equivalent. You can increase your chances of getting the job through more experience and required skills such as precision, team spirit, etc.

            As an aircraft fitter, your job will focus on aircraft manufacturing and structural repair – fitters are responsible for assembling and fitting mechanical parts and machinery as required.  

            Being a mechanical fitter, you will be required to have experience using band saws (both horizontal and Vertical), grinding wheels, the hand guillotine, hydraulic pipe bender dollies, jacks and -pullers lapping machine, mechanical press, pedestal, and bench grinders power saw, pressure pump. 

            Yes, mechanical fitters are in demand within the aviation industry. As the demand for air travel increases, mechanical fitters will be required to fulfill the increased requirements and the vacant positions left by retirees. 

            An aircraft fitter is also referred to as an aircraft maintenance fitter or aircraft maintenance technician.

            As a qualified and trained aircraft fitter, you can find job opportunities in both the private and commercial airlines industry. The airforce, army, and navy also require aircraft fitters for helicopters and aeroplanes. 


            Mechanical Fitter Job Description

            Making minor and significant repairs on various gasoline powered aircraft equipment and welding and repair are all part of the mechanical fitter job description. It also entails upgrading, manufacturing of equipment and facilities, and a variety of other work responsibilities. A mechanical fitter can specialise in mechanical fitting, pipe fitting, or steam fitting, among other things. These mechanics could also operate in the heating and cooling business, maintaining and repairing systems in commercial and industrial environments. They are also in charge of various day-to-day tasks, such as generating and understanding blueprints and using their welding talents to build various structural components according to plans. Visit Aviation Job Search to search more about mechanical fitter jobs and career opportunities.

            Mechanical Fitter Job Responsibilities

            They create and put together mechanical systems. If necessary, they liaise with clients during job execution. Following all health and safety procedures and policies, including wearing the proper protective gear, is their responsibility. Other tasks include executing the building of structural components in accordance with designs, examining structural systems using the aviation safety guidelines as a guide. Supervising structural systems and ensuring that they are properly maintained is also their responsibility. Because they operate on commercial and industrial pipe systems, mechanical fitters are also expected to efficiently assess structural systems before the deployment in an aircraft.

            Skills Required To Build a Mechanical Fitter Career

            A mechanical fitter is also expected to use analytical and problem-solving skills to conduct tests on structural systems of aircraft to establish the root cause of the malfunction, design a plan of action, and repair these malfunctions by replacing the required components. On larger projects, these mechanics may be required to collaborate with other fitters. A plus point is an adequate understanding of system architecture and the ability to troubleshoot systems using knowledge of how the system was built to function. They must possess mechanical abilities that allow a mechanical fitter to know which tools to use and utilise. A thorough understanding of computer-aided design (CAD) software is essential to develop and read designs.

            Work Conditions of an Aircraft Fitter

            The working conditions of an aircraft fitter or aircraft maintenance fitter typically include a 40-hour per week schedule; they may be required to work in shifts, on weekends and holidays. The fitter may have to work more hours each week due to deadlines and urgent aircraft repair work, especially if they are involved in high-value military or government jobs. As a deadline approaches, the stress level in the job increases. Aircraft fitters often work in hangars, on the tarmac, or inside a workshop to design and build parts to fix structural components and frames of an aircraft. Aircraft fitters may be required to travel by the company that employs them to carry out maintenance work in an AOG situation. 

            Role Profile for An Aircraft Fitter Job

            Aircraft Fitters or Aircraft maintenance technicians work with all types of aircraft, including small and large aeroplanes, fighter jets, and helicopters. They should be able to maintain both military and civil aircraft and they will be responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is in good condition by following approved maintenance procedures. These processes and procedures involve highly skilled, complex, and specialist work in order to maintain aircraft systems according to the approved requirements and work instructions. So it goes without saying that aircraft fitters must be able to handle relevant hand tools and equipment and meet civil or military organisational and regulatory requirements. Aircraft maintenance technicians must be able to research data sources to ensure that all documentation for an aircraft is accurate. They should be able to work individually or as part of a larger maintenance group. They must demonstrate their ability to identify and solve problems using the appropriate tools. 

            Future of Aircraft Mechanical Fitter Jobs

            The demand for aircraft mechanical fitters, aka aircraft maintenance technicians, has increased, and companies in the industry are trying to match their ability with opportunities. That is good news for anyone who has just started their career in aviation. The industry is full of challenging work for those who enter it. The industry requires new hires to be able to perform complex tasks immediately after completing their education. They will also require ongoing training and professional development to continue their success.