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Aircraft Fitter: Job Description


The job of aircraft fitter falls under the wider heading of aeronautical engineering and refers to those involved with the assembly and maintenance of aircraft. This role is ideal for anybody who enjoys hands-on, practical work and problem solving.

What does an aircraft fitter do?

The day to day duties focus on aircraft manufacturing or structural repair. Fitters play a leading role during machinery and equipment production, and assembling and fitting parts to mechanical devices as and when required. Brazing and welding are likely to be carried out on a day-to-day basis. Other tasks include electrical and hydraulic maintenance, piping and lining and plumbing. You’ll also fulfill a role in the dismantling of parts when a system is decommissioned.

What qualifications does an aircraft fitter need?

 Applicants for aircraft fitter jobs will need to have completed an engineering qualification or aerospace apprenticeship (or military equivalent). It may also help to have clocked up some work experience.
Employers will expect experience using drills, rivet guns, and specialist precision tools. You will also need a full understanding of precision technical plans and blueprints. Further requirements might include:
  • having a comprehensive knowledge of rotary machines
  • knowledge of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • the ability to work to technical drawings, while adhering to aerospace quality principles
Aircraft fitters are increasingly using composite materials and many roles now focus just on these materials.
Aerospace engineering organisations need mechanical aircraft fitters to work on specific aircraft types, and maintenance work is typically carried out within Base Maintenance departments.

Salary of an aircraft fitter

Work is often contractual and there are many opportunities for self-employment. Often pay is by the hour, and ranges from £14 to £40 an hour. For permanent aircraft fitter roles the salary will be in the region of £20,000 to £40,000 pa.
According to our data from 2018, the average salary for an aircraft fitter is £37,263.


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