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            SAS Connect London - No Experience Required
            SAS Connect London - No Experience Required CAE Parc Aviation
            United Kingdom
            Full time
            16 days ago
            SAS Connect London - Cabin crew
            SAS Connect London - Cabin crew CAE Parc Aviation
            Full time
            16 days ago
            Flight Attendant (Based in Hong Kong)
            Direct Employer
            Flight Attendant (Based in Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific
            Hong Kong
            Full time
            19 days ago
            Experienced Flight Attendant (Based in Hong Kong)
            Direct Employer
            Experienced Flight Attendant (Based in Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific
            Hong Kong
            Full time
            19 days ago
            Head of Cabin Crew and Customer Experience
            Head of Cabin Crew and Customer Experience Network Aviation Services
            Perth, Western Australia, Australia
            7 days ago
            Head of Cabin Crew and Customer Experience
            Head of Cabin Crew and Customer Experience Network Aviation Services
            Perth, Western Australia, Australia
            10 days ago
            Flight attendant
            Flight attendant The airline
            Budapest, Hungary
            16 days ago
            Network Aviation Cabin Crew
            Network Aviation Cabin Crew Network Aviation Services
            Australia, Matanzas, Cuba
            46 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            If you are interested to know what qualifications are needed to become Cabin Crew, you need to have at least 4 GCSEs with English and Maths to apply for cabin crew in most of the airlines. The age requirement is 18 and above and having an EU or British passport is also required. Applicants familiar with a foreign language have an added advantage.

            The field is quite competitive, the training can take from six weeks to months and years depending on the positions and airlines. If you intend to apply for an opening for a flight attendant, take a look at the Aviation Job Search that has promising job listings.

            You don’t need to have a university degree for the application. Some airlines would only require secondary education and will do the necessary background check. You need to have a certain weight and height to be eligible for pursuing flight attendant careers. The cabin crew salary guide tells us that you can enjoy lots of perks like flight pay, allowance payments and commission. 

            Yes, you should be aware of what pre-entry conditions must be met to become Cabin Crew. You should not be less than 21 years at the time of applying for a cabin crew position. Piercings on face and any visible tattoos would make you ineligible for the application. If your height is not between 5’2 and 6’3 that can also get you disqualified for the job.

            Getting a degree from a university or a college is not necessary if you want to become a flight attendant in the UK. Good academic qualifications with reasonable GCSE qualifications are more than enough. Past experience in customer service or hospitality can also be handy.

            As passengers board an aircraft, you will meet them and direct them to their seats. You will also provide assistance if necessary. Flight attendants show all passengers how to use safety equipment, either live or via video, so you should be confident and have good presentation skills.

            Yes, it isn’t easy to become a flight attendant. For every 5,000 to 10,000 job openings, there are approximately 1.5 million applications. The job market is very competitive. Training can take up to three to six months.

            If you enjoy people and travel, being a flight attendant can be a rewarding career. It’s an exciting job that pays well, offers great benefits, allows for travel, and gives you the opportunity to advance your career. Everyone wants to travel the world. You can travel the world as a flight attendant while earning a salary. 

            As a flight attendant, you can expect to be away from home for many days at a time, including weekends and on holidays. Therefore you must be flexible. However, the good news is depending on the company you work for; you might get between 12-18 days off each month. Over a year, that averages to about 156 days.

            Again, it’s dependent on the company you work for, but most of the time, you’ll get free flights as a flight attendant - sometimes even for your friends and family! You will have the option to travel to the destination of your choice. Also, you might get discounts on hotels and car rentals as well as vacation packages.


            Flight Attendant Job Description

            Flight attendant is a representative of an airline responsible for creating a comfortable, safe and delightful customer experience. Cabin crew works to make the journey welcoming and memorable for the passengers. Air hostesses and stewards ensure the passengers’ needs are taken care of. They can be called when needed and apart from serving lunch, dinner, breakfast and snacks, they demonstrate safety SOPs for emergency landing and other situations. Becoming a flight attendant requires effective communication skills as you have to respond to questions and resolve issues quickly. They provide quick assistance to the passengers especially if someone needs a nurse or medicine. 

            Flight Attendant Job Responsibilities

            Cabin crew of an aircraft makes sure that the passengers enjoy a safe and happy flight. The air stewardesses and stewards help the passengers with seating, securely placing the luggage and serving them with meals and drinks. The flight attendants represent an airline, they are trained to be hospitable and empathetic. They ensure that a positive and likable image of a brand is portrayed through their genial attitude. Air hostesses also check the safety measures and equipment, they demonstrate how to use life jackets and emergency exits in case of an extraordinary situation. They also sell duty free items during the flight and help passengers with queries and complaints. 

            Skills Required for Building a Flight Attendant Career 

            Flight attendants need to have effective listening skills. They should know how to communicate clearly with the passengers and give instructions. Air hostesses and stewards have to solve problems so they must be good decision makers. Providing memorable customer service requires a personalized approach, so the cabin crew should be friendly and professional at the same time. Handling pressure, staying calm and ability to handle different kinds of situations and passengers is needed for the role. Team spirit and coordination are also the qualities required for this position. Want to make your career as a flight attendant? Explore the opportunities at Aviation Job Search!

            Work Environment At a Flight Attendant Job

            The cabin of passenger planes is where a person working a flight attendant job are most likely to work. It can be tiring and stressful to deal with passengers for extended periods of time. There might be times where air turbulence can be a cause of anxiety and make it more difficult to provide quality of service. Dealing with unruly and rude customers and unexpected emergencies can also be a cause of stress. Mostly flight attendants will be required to spend nights away from their homes and sleep in apartments or hotels. Unfortunately, flight attendants have one of the highest rate of injury and illness among occupations. People working in planes must adhere to safety protocols in order to avoid injury. 

            Working Hours and Schedule of Flight Attendants

            As mentioned before the working hours might vary depending on the commercial airlines or company employed, but on average, variable schedules are common for flight attendants. From time to time airlines have overnight flights and they often work nights and weekends; that means the flight attendants will be required to do the same. On-duty hours for flight attendant jobs are typically between 12 and 14 hours per day. International flights may require a longer duty period. For example, the FAA requires that flight attendants have at least nine consecutive hours of sleep after each duty period. On average flight attendants work between 75 and 100 hours per month. They might also spend 50 hours a month on average on the ground, preparing flights and writing reports; part-time flight attendant jobs are also an option with some airlines.