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            B787 Captain | Korean Air
            B787 Captain | Korean Air CCL Aviation
            Full time
            26 days ago
            17 Hours to Apply
            Direct entry ATR Captain - NTR or Type rated
            Direct Employer
            Direct entry ATR Captain - NTR or Type rated Blue Islands
            Jersey Airport, St. Peter, Jersey
            Full time
            24 days ago
            69 Hours to Apply
            A320 Type Rated Captains
            Direct Employer
            A320 Type Rated Captains Titan Airways
            London Stansted Airport, Uttlesford, Essex
            Full time
            £127,600 - £145,300
            19 days ago
            Captain — AIRBUS
            Direct Employer
            Captain — AIRBUS Fly2Sky
            Sofia-City, Bulgaria
            3 days ago
            EMB170/190 Captains
            EMB170/190 Captains ZENON
            3 days ago
            H145 Captains
            H145 Captains ZENON
            Middle East
            Full time
            3 days ago
            Airbus Line Training Captains
            Airbus Line Training Captains Zenon Recruitment
            United Kingdom
            Full time
            3 days ago
            Beech 200 Captain
            Beech 200 Captain ZENON
            United Arab Emirates
            3 days ago
            HEMS Commander
            HEMS Commander Line Up Aviation
            Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
            Full time
            4 days ago
            Type Rated B737 Pilots
            Direct Employer
            Type Rated B737 Pilots Oryx Jet Aircraft Management Limited
            London Luton Airport, North Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire
            Full time
            4 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            For becoming a captain, you will need to work your way through the ranks and gain experience. After getting the frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence from a flying school, you need to have at least 1,500 hours of flying experience to become a captain of an aircraft. However, the flight time requirements vary for different employers.

            The pilots are in charge of developing a flight plan that comprises the aircraft's performance, altitude, and weather conditions, inspecting the aircraft before each flight, and ensuring that cargo weight does not exceed aircraft restrictions. The airline captain job description also includes communication with the air traffic control to ensure smooth takeoff and landing. 

            To become a pilot, you will need to work through different ranks and build up required flight time and experience which an employer requires. The actual flight time and experience requirements will depend on the organisation. You start off as a first officer and after gaining valuable experience, achieve the rank of aircraft captain.

            Depending on the airline and individual performance, it might take between 4 to 20 years from joining to be promoted from First Officer to Captain. To be a Captain, the candidate must have at least 1,500 flight hours and an ATPL. To become Captain within 4 to 5 years, 900 flight hours are required annually.

            You can start the training at the age of 18, but you'll be eligible to receive the ATPL at 21. The two-year modular route is also a good option which allows you to work while receiving the training. The trainee pilots receive Class 1 medical certificate and the training that proves crucial in their selection. To search for Airline Captain jobs, you can always find Aviation Job Search Portal helpful.

            Yes, it isn’t easy to get to the captain level; It will take you at least 15 years to become an airline captain from scratch. However, you need to factor in how fast you complete the training, build time to reach the airline’s minimum requirements and, most importantly, the state of the aviation industry at the time.

            One of the reasons, as mentioned by a captain, is due to the nature of early rotary-driven aircraft such as the First World War fighters. These aircraft could turn easily to the left because they could follow the torque of the engines, so pilots sat on that side, and it just stuck till now.

            Airbus aeroplanes are known for their easier and smoother landings; however, crosswinds landings are not ideal and are a challenge. Boeing has better handling in crosswinds; however, high approach velocities can make smooth regular landings difficult. 

            Well, it’s not something an airline would allow unless it were some sort of emergency. However, the a320 pilot would face many issues if he had to fly regular flights as a job. A pilot with no training would have many difficulties flying a 737. There are many standard features in system operations and instrumentation, but the programming of the flight management software is very different.  


            Captain Job Description 

            For a promising career, the candidates must successfully and carefully make sure that the plane runs safely and efficiently and that the crew and passengers are safe. The Captain is responsible for making sure that the plane is safe to fly, that it works well, that the weather won't affect the flight, that aviation laws are followed, that air traffic control procedures are followed, and that air navigational aids are used. The people who work for airlines are some of the most experienced, professional, skilled, and well-liked in their field. To be successful, the staff must also be passionate about their jobs and know a lot about the aviation industry. You can find the latest captain pilot jobs at Aviation Job Search. 

            Captain Job Responsibilities 

            The Captain positions need to be filled by people who can do certain things on the job. The job includes flying the plane, making flight plans based on the weather and information about the plane's systems, and keeping the plane's logbook up to date. The Captain has to keep an eye on how the plane works mechanically and do safety checks on the navigation and operating systems before every flight. The candidates must also think about every part of flight planning and the paperwork for the plane. The Captain has been trained to handle all kinds of emergencies.

            Skills Required for Building Captain Career

            To become a Captain, you need to be good at communicating, working as a team, getting along with other people, managing tasks, and having a professional attitude. The Captain should pay attention to details, have good communication and problem-solving skills, and be a great team player to make sure tasks are done well. The Captain has to work with the air traffic controllers and the people who send out the flights. With good people skills, managing tasks means being able to put jobs and projects in order of importance. It is important to always act professionally and politely in business. Due to the challenges of the job, it is important to get used to working in different places and at different times.

            Working Conditions at A Captain’s Job

            When you get a job as a captain, the work environment and conditions can be different depending on the company you work for. A captain or pilot, on the other hand, can't usually fly more than 85 hours per month or 1,000 hours per year. When ground tasks like filing flight plans, briefing crews, and going to training classes are added in, the average pilot works more than 100 hours per month. The captain is in the cockpit most of the time. You can spend more time in the office of the airline dispatcher and in training classes. On average, you have to work 16 days a month, and most days let you take off days in a row. Pilots who work for airlines that fly across the country or around the world have to spend some nights away from home. The airline pays for the hotel, the transportation, and the food. Pilots for airlines have to wear a uniform. Night flights are common, even for shipping goods by air.

            Career Progression for People Doing A320 Pilot Jobs

            Well, in the airline business, experience is the most important thing, so it's safe to say that seniority is the main factor in getting promoted. When an airline hires a co-pilot or second officer, that person gets the job at the bottom of the chain. As co-pilots, pilots, and co-pilots move up in the airline, the new pilot gets a raise. Within a year, a co-pilot can be made a second officer or a flight engineer. Getting a job as an A320 pilot or captain, on the other hand, can take anywhere from seven to twelve years, depending on how big the airline is and where the person is on the seniority list. Aviation is the most important part of our economy, and there will always be new opportunities. As more airports grow, smaller airports called "relievers" are being built to serve general aviation. With the rise of low-cost airlines, there are also many new opportunities.