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What are the advantages of working as cabin crew?


Working as cabin crew is something that many people desire to do. The reason is that it is a prestigious job and there are many advantages to this occupation. Here are a few of the benefits you get as cabin crew

1. You travel around the world and are paid for it

If you’re someone who loves travelling, there’s absolutely no doubt that this job is for you. You get to travel regularly and see the world. The better part is that the flight is free! And the best part? You are getting paid for each trip. You’ll be having a layover at each country, state, or location that you travel to, and the time frame varies from 24 hours to 72 hours. 

If it’s within your region, then the layover is usually short, but you will still have time for sightseeing, going to the beach, exploring restaurants and food, etc. I should add that there’s a meal allowance to cover some of these expenses.


2. You get to meet new people

Cabin crew get to meet a lot of people in their line of duty, which makes it a very interesting occupation. You get to meet athletes, celebrities, politicians, business moguls, etc. travelling on your flight. It is also possible that you can make friends with some of these people and build strong relationships with them. 

If you are a social person, you’re likely to gather new experiences everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. As you travel, you’re also likely to meet locals in those countries and cities that you will relate with and build relationships with. 

People normally don’t have to go too far from their homes to their work. However, the reverse is the case for you as cabin crew. You travel far and wide around the earth and meet people that you would not have met ordinarily.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? 


3. Job flexibility

In many other jobs, people have to work every day of the week (excluding weekends) from 9-5. This allows for little to no flexibility for workers. However, there is much more flexibility for cabin crew.

They can PTO, drop, swap, trade, and work within a schedule that they decide on depending on their level of seniority. Different airlines permit different numbers of swaps within a particular period. 

There are cabin crew that decide on stacking their work trips to create some days off for themselves. So, cabin crew may work full time over some time and then have up to two weeks break from travelling. 


4. You improve your social skills

It’s impossible to work as a flight attendant and not have good social skills. It’s one of the major training they receive because they are tasked with handling and relating with people mid-air. This is one work in which you are bound to learn on the job. 

Since you have to meet with and relate to more than 100 people on each trip, they have to learn to talk to people. There are times when they have to handle difficult situations and even resolve conflicts between passengers.

So they must be able to listen and communicate effectively while being assertive, polite, and pleasant at the same time. They also learn to interact with people of different age groups, backgrounds, and cultures. 


5. Pension

Working as a flight attendant for an airline in the UK, such as Virgin Atlantic, means that you get a Defined Contribution pension based on a contract. This is created within their Group Personal Pension Plan. What it means is that you have a pension plan for yourself within the group. It is a savings plan for your retirement and is created based on salary sacrifice. This makes it flexible and efficient enough to give you a stable future income. 

You can pay into this plan based on the contribution level that you choose for your pensionable salary. Virgin Atlantic also adds to this plan, and you also get tax relief benefits.



There are many perks and benefits to, working as cabin crew and some of these have been mentioned in this article. If you are interested in working as cabin crew, you should pursue this interest and make a career for yourself out of it. 


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