By RoxanneB 01 Mar 2022 2 min read

Lifestyle of a senior cabin crew member at FlyDubai

Introducing Adelina

Adelina Badiuc is a senior cabin crew member at FlyDubai, she kindly shared her path to an aviation career and career advice for aspiring aviation professionals.


Why did you choose to pursue a career as a cabin crew?

I just graduated university and wasn’t sure what the next step would be, until one of my friends told me about an opening that he saw regarding a cabin crew position and encouraged me to apply for it. It has now turned out to be a 7 year long career. 


Did you have to sacrifice social events in order to give time to your career?

I would say not all of them, I still managed to get vacations planned in advance so I could make it to either weddings or birthday parties. 


How often do you get to see your family?

I normally travel home 1-2 times a year, and at least once per year my family will come to visit me. 


Can it be lonely at times?

I would say yes, especially if you have to work during the holidays. 


Do you see other cabin crew as family? 

Definitely, some of my colleagues became family. We often spend time together doing all sorts of activities. We go to the beach, organise barbecues, go hiking, play all sorts of games and sports. We also help and support each other. 


What do you like to do outside of work in your spare time?

Currently I have picked up two new hobbies, Tennis which I started alongside my sister and I recently started horseback riding. 


What has been your favourite destination to fly to and why?

There have been so many amazing destinations that it is not each to choose but I would have to say Italy, just to indulge again in the amazing Italian food. 


How do you ensure you get enough sleep?

I try to plan my sleeping time. If I know I have to operate a night duty, I would wake up early on that day and try to be as active as possible, whether that be working out or going for a swim. I would also then make sure to have a nap in the afternoon, that way I can ensure that I am rested for the pending flight. We also have control rest onboard. 


Do the ever changing sleep patterns affect your mental health at times?

Yes, both my body and mind are affected if I don’t get a full night's sleep, but I ensure that it is manageable with the right tools. Being active, doing yoga, practising mindfulness helps me alot. 

At the end of the day there are alot of jobs that require one to work night shifts, firefights, police, doctors etc. so ours is not different.



Can you give 3 tips for aspiring cabin crew?

  1. Try to work on your interpersonal skills, the sum of them makes a perfect cabin crew member. 

  2. Apply until you get it, never give up on your dream as it’s totally worth it. 

  3. Be yourself! That’s your biggest asset. 



Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash