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Commercial Jet Broker GOOSE Recruitment London, UK [United Kingdom]
Direct Employer Passenger Service Agents - Customer Service: Bristol Airport Bristol, South West, UK [United Kingdom] £20,000 - £25,000
Direct Employer Group Sales Estimator Atlantic Aviation Group Shannon, Clare, Ireland
Resource Coordinator Virtual Human Resources Dorset, South West, UK [United Kingdom] £10,000 - £15,000
Air Charter Broker Volantes Technical Recruitment Greece, Europe (non-UK)
Key Account Manager GOOSE Recruitment Europe (non-UK) £80,000 - £90,000
Private Jet Broker GOOSE Recruitment London, UK [United Kingdom]
Sales / Business Development GOOSE Recruitment South East, UK [United Kingdom]
Charter Broker (UK) GOOSE Recruitment London, UK [United Kingdom] From £100,000
Charter Sales Executive GOOSE Recruitment London, UK [United Kingdom] £30,000 - £40,000

Frequently asked questions

As can be inferred from the name of the category, in Sales & Support jobs, you will be assisting customers and employees during every step of the sales process. You will resolve their issues, answer their queries, and track orders of all the air tickets and bookings .

If you wish to be eligible to apply to any available Sales and Support vacancies, you need to have a pertinent educational background as well as at least a few years of experience in the field. Strong communication skills along with solid industry knowledge is also a must.

Sales and Support careers have the potential of paying you off really well, both in terms of finances and personal growth. It usually depends upon different factors like the years of education the applicant has, their level of expertise in the field, as well as their geographical region.

There are many skills that are needed in order to build successful Sales and Support careers. For example, a good Sales and Support person should be in possession of strong communication, management, decision-making, and other interpersonal skills.

Sales and Support careers provide a great opportunity to interact with the customers and propose viable ticketing and booking solutions for their travel needs. If you want to find out more about sales customer service jobs, you can check out Aviation Job Search.


What are Sales & Support Jobs Like? 

As you can see from the name of the category, in Sales and Support jobs, your main task will be to assist and aid in the sales process. There are different ranks and roles in the Sales and Support department of any organisation, and the nature of their work varies accordingly. But, generally, every person in the Sales & Support department works in assisting the customers and the employees alike in the sales process. They help the customers in resolving their issues, answer their queries, and track their orders and shipments. 

Sales and Support Jobs Responsibilities 

As we have mentioned before, Sales and Support jobs encompass a number of tasks and duties, all aimed at making the sales process easier and more accessible for the customers. Different ranks and configurations are arranged to help collectively achieve this task. Generally, they all work in harmony to ease the customers in the sales process. They resolve their issues by answering their questions and tracking their orders. They also make databases by identifying and creating lists of potential clients and help the company that they work for bring in more business and growth. 

Skills Required For Building Sales and Support Career

In order to build successful careers in Sales & Support jobs, you need to be in possession of a number of skills and personal traits. The more important ones amongst them are good management, planning, critical-thinking, customer-care, communication, and other interpersonal skills. Go to Aviation Job Search and apply for the latest sales support vacancies.