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Showing 4 Pilot job(s) in Germany
Showing 4 job(s) in Germany

Pilot Jobs

£43,000 - £50,000 Stansted Aerospace Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, East
Direct Employer
B767 Line Training Captains CAE Parc Aviation Germany, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000
AW139 & AW169 Captains CAE Parc Aviation Germany, Europe (non-UK)
B737 First Officers European bases CAE Parc Aviation Germany, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000
A320 Type Rated Pilots First2 Resource LTD Germany, Europe (non-UK)

Frequently asked questions

An Airline Transport Pilot Licence and a class 1 medical certificate are the basic and mandatory requirements for pursuing your career as a commercial pilot in the UK. You need to be 18 years of age to get enrolled in the training but the ATPL can’t be obtained before the age of 21. Training time for flying is 16-18 months.

The different kinds of pilots include fighter pilots, commercial pilots, recreational pilots, sports pilots, and cargo pilots. Fighter pilots fly air vehicles used by the military, commercial pilots are employed by airlines for flying commercial aircraft, recreational pilots give passengers a tour of different destinations and cargo pilots fly cargo planes.

The average salary of pilots in the UK varies depending on the factors like the airline, experience, and kind of aircraft. Overall, the pilots are paid well and are offered benefits like health, dental, and vision insurance, paid holidays that differ depending on the years of service at an airline, free flights, and more.

Becoming a pilot requires expensive and tough training but for those aspiring individuals that dream to fly commercial and other airplanes, completing the training and passing medical and other tests will not be that difficult. The estimated time of training is around two years and you need to have your finances sorted for the flying course.

You can make a lucrative career being an airplane pilot. You get to earn well, travel around the world and meet new people. Gaining experience as a commercial pilot will improve the chances of your landing a more rewarding job at a bigger airline. Explore the latest pilot vacancies in the UK on Aviation Job Search!


What are Pilots Jobs Like 

First officers are the Pilots that have completed around 3000 flying hours and assist the captain with flying the aircraft. Second Officers are part of the longer flights and act as the third in the line of command. Captains are the senior and experienced pilots that are required to have completed more than 3500 hours of flying, the other eligibility criteria vary depending on the airline and aircraft. First, Second Officers and Pilots are recruited by commercial and government airlines.  Other Pilot jobs include fighter Pilots who receive military training and fly the planes and helicopters specialised for warfare. Helicopter Pilots work in both the private and public sectors. 

Pilots Jobs’ Responsibilities 

Different kinds of pilots fly different aircraft but their essential responsibilities are more or less the same which includes inspecting the air vehicles before and after the flights for navigating systems, fuel, and equipment functionality. They have to make sure that the aircraft is operated safely while monitoring the weather conditions and communicating with the air traffic control. They determine the right routes and analyse the flight plans before asking the cabin crew to prepare for take-off. They have to be updated about the aircraft equipment and systems. The pilots are required to keep the flight crew and passengers informed and calm during turbulence and emergency situations. 

Skills Required to Build Pilots’ Careers 

Situational awareness and professionalism are must-have qualities required for Pilots jobs. Excellent communication skills are also needed for the role to properly communicate with the team on-board, air traffic controllers, and passengers. Leadership skills especially sagacity and organisational abilities are essential for captains. The capability to take decisions and fly aircraft during challenging situations is also required for the pilots. Problem-solving and critical thinking will help with proposing solutions to issues during flights after comparing the most viable options. Individuals with a confident demeanour are likely to make great pilots. Build an attention-grabbing professional profile on Aviation Job Search and apply to the positions that match your expertise and experience!