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Head of Operations Baseline Aviation Services Middle East
Program Operations Specialist - Aviation Virtual Human Resources Leatherhead, Surrey, South East £20,000 - £25,000

Frequently asked questions

The interviewing and employment of potential workers and crew is handled by an operations manager MRO. As part of the ground crew, they create the operational and maintenance schedules for aircrafts. They supervise the team of engineers and technicians working in the aircraft maintenance department and ensure that the operations remain smooth.

Operations managers MRO are in charge of the day-to-day aircraft maintenance operations. They supervise, hire, and educate personnel, manage quality assurance programmes, develop process changes, create maintenance schedules, monitor the maintenance activities, keep track of aircraft repairs and assign the tasks to technicians.

The operations manager MRO commences the implementation process improvement by making a diagram of the procedure (such as flowcharts, data flow diagrams). They calculate the current metrics for the process and then check to see if they have enough capacity to meet the demands. Then, they set targets for each process metrics that need to be improved.

MRO means maintenance, repair, and operations. It refers to actions that go into keeping your facility (and the equipment inside of it) in good working order. MRO's primary purpose is to keep your business operations going smoothly. It also involves keeping and maintaining all the documentation regarding repairs, maintenance and operations.

To become an operations manager MRO, the candidate needs to obtain a Bachelor's Degree. Many large and small municipal airports demand that applicants for aviation management jobs have a bachelor's degree in aviation management along with experience in aircraft maintenance. To find out about aviation operations manager jobs, visit Aviation Job Search.


Operations Manager MRO Job Description

The Operations Manager MRO is an essential member of the airport management team. They manage labour, including the maintenance, repair, and other operational services, effectively and efficiently. According to the aviation operations manager job description, they interact with both internal and external stakeholders as a spokesperson. They execute supervisory duties in compliance with the airport and airline policies and applicable regulations. Interviewing, employing, training new and existing employees, planning, assigning, and directing work, employee performance reviews, addressing corrective action plans, and employee motivation and rewards are all examples of responsibilities. You can find further details regarding latest aviation operations manager jobs at Aviation Job Search.

Operations Manager MRO Job Responsibilities 

Ascertain that all repair and overhaul work is completed within agreed-upon or contracted turnaround times while maintaining high-quality standards and cost targets is a fundamental responsibility of Operations Manager MRO. Assuring quality and cost-effectiveness, establishing objectives, policies, standards, and production schedules are part of their duties. In crucial situations, they must serve as a liaison between the airline and the repair station and between the repair station and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). They support the department's financial metrics and monitor material movement, manning levels, adequate facilities, and timely scheduling of repairs. Supervise the expediting of spares and supplies.

Skills Required to Build an Operations Manager MRO Career

They must have exceptional communication abilities. and the knack of maintaining a positive management and leadership style that motivates others to achieve greatness. The operations manager MRO should demonstrate strong leadership qualities; previous experience in supervising and directing teams is a plus. Excellent time management and organisation skills, with good IT skills such as usage of MS Office Suite: Outlook, Excel, and Word Proficiency, are in demand. The aviation operations manager must have a proven ability to handle several projects in a fast-paced setting while dealing with changing priorities and producing great results. Skills in providing excellent customer service and resolving conflicts are in demand. They must have exceptional problem-solving and analytical abilities.