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Showing 8 job(s)

Mechanical Engineer Jobs

£43,000 - £50,000 Stansted Aerospace Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, East
Direct Employer
Live Build Manufacturing Technician Aviation Job Search Bedfordshire, East, UK [United Kingdom] £50,000 - £60,000
Manufacturing Technician Aviation Job Search Newport, Wales, UK [United Kingdom] £50,000 - £60,000
Aircraft Engine Technician Aeropeople Ltd United Kingdom [UK] £35,000 - £50,000
Aircraft Mechanic Qualitair Netherlands, Europe (non-UK)
Military Jet Mechanics Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK)
C130 Mechanics - Long Term contract Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK) €65,000 - €68,000
AIRCRAFT MECHANICS First People Solutions Limited Europe (non-UK)
Engine Technicians Excel Technical Consulting South West, UK [United Kingdom]

Frequently asked questions

The engineers do the servicing and overhauling of the engines of an aircraft, they check the airframes, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Mechanical engineers are also involved in designing the engines of airplanes, based on the area of expertise they can perform other duties as well like inspecting the air vehicles for any possible technical glitches.

The average annual salary for entry-level mechanical engineering jobs and positions that require experience can’t be the same. Overall, mechanical engineers are paid well and are entitled to benefits depending on the employer. Engineers that specialize in any of the areas of aviation get better and more monetarily rewarding opportunities.

There are mechanical engineer degree apprenticeships that can get you well-acquainted with the maintenance, design, development, and other areas of aerodynamics. Sometimes in these courses and training programmes, the mechanical engineers are engaged with aerospace and other experts to give them a better insight into how the mechanics of aircraft work.

Mechanical engineer jobs in aviation are easier to get if you have a specialisation in any of the areas related to avionics or have experience working on aircraft. You will get a licence and hence can score a job once you qualify for being knowledgeable or experienced for the senior positions, entry-level vacancies are simple to apply to.

Aircraft maintenance engineers are paid quite well and there are bright prospects for them getting entitled to benefits and promotion. If you really have a passion for working on the mechanical and design aspects of an air vehicle, you will find the job satisfying and rewarding. Take a quick overview of the latest job listings on Aviation Job Search!


Mechanical Engineer Job Description

Mechanical engineers based on their knowledge and expertise take part in the maintenance, design, and testing of the aircraft. They run a meticulous check on the engine, hydraulic, airframes, and pneumatic systems to ensure everything is operating smoothly. They have to make certain that all the equipment is functioning efficiently and safely. They can be asked to identify an issue with the mechanics of the engine or some other part and suggest a repair or replacement for the malfunctioning component. Analysing that the maintenance and servicing of an airplane are done adhering to the defined standards is also in the mechanical engineer job description. 

Mechanical Engineer Job Responsibilities

Working in the mechanics, engineers have to service the fuselage, engines, airframe systems, and landing gear. They have to inspect the electrical system as well and look for any faults that need to be fixed. Organising the repairs and making sure that they are done keeping in account the defined procedures and safety regulations is also the job responsibility of mechanical engineers. They can work in the design department if they have specialized in that area. They are required to collaborate with other engineer personnel and work under their supervision for a specific project along with preparing a neatly drafted work report for the repair and maintenance work. 

Skills Required to Build a Mechanical Engineer Career 

The work dynamics of this role require meticulous attention to detail, so you need to be attentive and focused. Effective communication skills are needed for the position as you have to coordinate with other team members and people working in different departments. Problem-solving skills will help you excel at your job. Aircraft maintenance engineers must be flexible with the working hours and environment. If you are good at managing time and tasks it will help you build a bright career as a mechanical engineer in aviation. Explore engineering vacancies by top employers in the UK on Aviation Job Search!