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Logistics comprise the handling of things from the point of creation to the point of consumption for the consumers or companies. Logistics jobs range from purchasing officers to freight account managers and analysts, all of which involve facilitating or managing the movement of goods from their origin to shipment. The positions can be in-house or contractual.

Some sought-after roles in Logistics include Logistics engineers, consultants, analysts, customer service specialists, purchasing leads, inventory control specialists, and transportation managers. The titles for these Logistics jobs can vary depending on the organisation. The jobs that are related to senior management and consultancy are one of the most lucrative career choices.

Logistics careers are ranked among one of the best globally based on factors like job prospects, median salary, work-life balance, and stress/job satisfaction levels. You can make a brilliant career in Logistics working in purchasing, material management, technical, inventory/transportation management, planning, customer service, and any other area that piques your interest.

You need to have the industry knowledge and data analysis skills to be eligible for taking up a job in Logistics. Other skills that are essential for different positions include interpersonal skills, organisation skills, problem-solving, attention to detail, and team spirit. Individuals with a result-oriented approach and stellar interpersonal skills better fit in the roles.

The Logistics jobs pay well, especially the ones that are related to senior management, operations, and engineering. Most of the Logistics vacancies have competitive salary packages along with healthcare, training/professional development opportunities, performance-based bonuses, and other benefits. Create a professional profile on Aviation Job Search with easy-to-fill-in information tabs!


What are Logistics Jobs Like 

Logistics jobs are quite diverse ranging from transport drivers to warehouse operatives, dispatchers, purchasing officers/managers, material planners, inventory controllers, airfreight export operations, customer service agents/managers, analysts, and operations controllers. For every position, the eligibility and entry criteria vary but the candidates interested to work in Logistics must all be familiar with the industry knowledge and processes. Many companies hire Logistics assistants and business development managers to oversee their Logistics operations. There are distribution planners and road/air freight coordinators’ positions as well. The technical roles require an engineering degree and Logistics/supply chain experience to plan, handle, and manage high-quality outputs for the projects. 

Logistics Jobs’ Responsibilities 

The drivers make sure that the goods are collected and delivered to the right destinations within the mentioned timelines. The purchasing officers and managers determine the supplies and services a company needs for running its operations. They make purchases after comparing and evaluating the costs and quality of different suppliers/service providers. The warehouse operatives are responsible for the smooth running of the warehouses. The technical Logistics jobs are about developing new commercial delivery methodologies, services, and tools. The customer service positions are about dealing with the customers and ensuring that stellar experiences are delivered to them. The consultants offer advice regarding efficient Logistics planning and management. 

Skills Required to Build Logistics Careers 

Understanding and doing the Logistics-related work, keeping pace with the latest industry development, and having the ability to interpret data are essential. People skills are required for interacting within and outside the team as it is mandatory for most of the jobs. Being solutions-oriented and having an eye for detail are important for Aviation Logistics jobs. Individuals with the capability to work on their own and collaborate within the team better fit in the technical and management roles. Being able to embrace new technology is also needed. Give your job hunt a boost by signing into Aviation Job Search and getting notified about vacancies in your preferred area!