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Flight Instructor Jobs

B767 TRI/TRE/ Instructors CAE Parc Aviation Denmark, Europe (non-UK)
Technical Crew Member Instruction (HHO) Aviation Job Search Italy, Europe (non-UK)
B767 TRI/TRE/ Instructors CAE Parc Aviation Denmark, Europe (non-UK)
Simulator Instructor Pilot - B737, B777, B787 CCL Aviation Crawley, West Sussex, South East
B767 TRI/TRE/ Instructors CAE Parc Aviation Denmark, Europe (non-UK)

Frequently asked questions

Flight instructors, as part of aviation training, supervise educational programs, train understudies in a homeroom setting, instruct flight preparation mechanisms, evaluate performance of students and foster new instructing strategies. Flight instructor jobs require you to teach aviation subjects to the students and conduct assessments on a regular basis.

In order to be eligible for certified flight instructor jobs, aspirants are required to be licensed pilots. The most important eligibility criterion is to have a commercial pilot licence. You can get your licence for single engine aircraft, or you can get your multi-engine instructor licence. A multi engine instructor licence allows you to run many different aircrafts.

If you want to become a part of aviation without really having to fly aircrafts, flying instructor career is just the right one for you. Teaching your students about all sorts of technical procedures, and learning new stuff yourself along the way is an unmatched charm. The high demand for flight instructor jobs is another reason to opt for this lucrative position.

The flying instructor profession is for the ones who find pleasure in helping and guiding others. Being a teacher, you often have to be patient, so your students can catch up with what you teach. You also need to have a strong work ethic and a commitment to deliver all your educational experience and training to your students, so they’d be the best of their kind.

The tuition fee for flying lessons is different in different training schools. Student loans are also available for deserving and passionate students. The courses help you to understand and gain all the necessary education and experience to build a CFI career. The Aviation Job Search is the right place to go if you want to look for the perfect job to build a career as a CFI.


Flight Instructor Job Description 

Certified flight instructor jobs require you to train and teach future aviation job holders like pilots, first officers etc. You have to give regular classes and lectures, a task that requires both excellent leadership skills and a mastery over all the knowledge, education and training that you have acquired yourself. In aviation training, you interact and get involved with different individuals of varying levels of capability and passion, so your horizons broaden a lot in this kind of job. You schedule and design curricula for the students, train them on single or multiple aircrafts, and help them bring out their best version in their career. 

Flight Instructor Job Responsibilities

Flying instructor jobs require a specific skill set from the aspirants. After having completed the necessary education in aviation and the pertinent training, you are required to gain a certified pilot licence. The job duties include development of updated syllabus and teaching the students in a classroom setting. They also supervise and conduct training flights and evaluate the performance of each student in the batch. The employers also expect them to adopt the latest methods of teaching and giving training to the students on subjects like aircraft systems, flight SOPs, handling, problem-solving, aircraft navigation. Visit Aviation Job Search to explore the latest flight instructor opportunities. 

Skills Required For Building Flight Instructor Career

As is the case with almost every other job in aviation out there, flight instructor hiring asks for certain skills from those who are interested in doing this job. You have to find joy in flying different types of aircrafts, and interacting with different types of students as you do so. You should have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, as interacting with different students usually results in a better understanding of your subject. You have to be humble and be willing to take suggestions from other people and be open minded to different approaches towards the same problem. Patience, a commitment to serve, and compassion to help other people is a must-have skill in this field.