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Showing 7 job(s)

Finance And Procurement Jobs

Office Administrator Shorterm Limited Westerham, Kent, South East £25,000 - £30,000
Supply Officer Aviation Job Search Gloucestershire, South West, UK [United Kingdom] £50,000 - £60,000
Finance / Accounts Manager GOOSE Recruitment UK [United Kingdom] £40,000 - £50,000
Buyer Aviation Job Search Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Chief Financial Officer - Africa Brookfield Aviation International Africa $168,000 - $192,000
Finance Manager ZENON London Heathrow Airport, UK Airports, UK [United Kingdom]
Revenue Management Manager Aviation Job Search Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Frequently asked questions

Finance and Procurement are two different departments within any organisation or company, and they both work in harmony to bring about positive changes and modifications in the finances of a company. In Finance and Procurement jobs, you will be performing different tasks related to the finance or balance sheet of your company.

If you wish to be eligible to apply to any available Finance and Procurement vacancies, you need to have a pertinent educational background, as well as at least a few years of experience in the field. The pertinent educational background is usually a bachelor’s degree in any of the relevant fields.

There are a lot of skills required in order to build successful Finance and Procurement careers. For example, a good Finance and Procurement manager should have the skills of management, planning, assessment, communication, and other interpersonal skills. They should also be adept at working with numbers and mathematical formulas.

Finance and Procurement careers have the potential of paying you off really well, both in terms of finances and personal growth. It usually depends upon different factors like the years of education the applicant has, their level of expertise or experience in the field, as well as their geographical region.

It’s a good option to pursue a career in finance, given that you have the right set of skills and the right aptitude that is needed in a job of this nature. In the Aviation industry, the scope of finance jobs has broadened which will ultimately lead to more growth opportunities.


What are Finance & Procurement Jobs Like?

As you can see from the name of the job, in Finance and Procurement jobs, you can assume one of the many roles and configurations that are centred around dealing with an aviation firm’s finances. The exact number and nature of roles differ, depending upon your rank or position in this field. But generally, your main focus will remain to be the finances of your aviation company. To get this job, you are required to have experience and pertinent educational background in this field. The pertinent educational background is usually a bachelor’s degree in any of the business fields. 

Finance and Procurement Job Responsibilities 

As the name of the category suggests, Finance and Procurement are two different segments within the finance management of a company. While finance focuses on keeping the balance sheet in black, the procurement department deals in spending the resources efficiently. Generally, your role in either department involves keeping track of the movement of resources, keeping documentation, reporting to your seniors, and formulating strategies to maximise the profits. 

Skills Required For Building Finance and Procurement Career

In order to build a successful career in Finance and Procurement jobs, you need to be in possession of certain skills and personal traits. The most important ones amongst them are good management, planning, assessment, strategic, communication, and other interpersonal skills. If you want to find out more about finance positions in the aviation industry, visit Aviation Job Search.