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Field Technician - Engines Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK)
CAMO Engineer CAE Parc Aviation Germany, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000
CAMO Engineer CAE Parc Aviation Germany, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000

Frequently asked questions

Maintenance on aircraft systems and parts is performed by a Technician . The engine overhaul technician disassembles, inspects, repairs, overhauls, reassembles, and tests them. All of the work is carried out by these technicians in accordance with the outlined technical guidelines and quality requirements to ensure perfection in the aircraft’s performance.

Worn out, faulty, or damaged aircraft engine parts are repaired or replaced by the engine overhaul technicians. They also employ testing equipment to diagnose and identify engine faults. The expertise of engine overhaul technicians is also required to test engine components and systems to guarantee that they are working correctly.

Engine Overhaul technicians make a lot of money since they are in great demand and play a crucial part in the aviation sector. Due to the importance of their roles and responsibilities, these technicians are expected to be demanded more by the airlines and the overall aviation sector. The career growth chances are also high in the near future.

To enter this field, you need a foundation degree or a higher national diploma in engineering. Aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering are examples of relevant subjects. On-the-job training is required. The candidates must also review handbooks and codes for aircraft mechanics and then apply for a job.

In the near future, the scope of engine overhaul technicians is going to increase exponentially with the boom in air transportation. Due to the growing need for aircraft maintenance, their demand will be more and the career prospects are expected to be better. For more information regarding engine overhaul technician jobs, visit Aviation Job Search.


Engine Overhaul Technician Job Description 

Planes, helicopters, blimps, and balloons are all maintained and repaired by engine overhaul technicians. Diagnosing electrical and mechanical issues, replacing defective and old parts, and examining aircraft on a regular maintenance plan to avoid problems before they occur are all part of the job. Some technicians perform tests on a plane's communication and diagnostic systems and work specifically on electrical systems in addition to routine jobs. Many people like to specialise in one aspect of an aircraft, such as an engine, structure, or frame. You can always find out more details regarding engine overall technician jobs at Aviation Job Search.

Engine Overhaul Technician Job Responsibilities

These technicians are responsible for analysing and monitoring electrical systems. They work with architects and engineers to establish the optimal electrical wiring placement. They also test equipment for quality control, improvement, and safety. Replacing or repairing any broken equipment or wiring of the engine are also the core responsibilities of these technicians. They examine the architectural plans, conduct and analyse tests in order to keep track of outcomes and make improvements. They consult with contractors and provide recommendations. They perform wire placement and electronic component calibrations.

Skills Required to Build An Engine Overhaul Technician Career

Expertise in various types of aircraft, along with mechanical knowledge, is required. Excellent reading, writing, and communication skills with extensive attention to detail are also required to perform the job well. The candidates are also expected to have problem-solving and creative problem-solving abilities. Physical strength, agility, manual dexterity, and a fear of heights are all desirable qualities. Thorough knowledge of mechanics and how different machinery interact with one another, troubleshooting skills, and a detail-oriented disposition make a perfect technician. Strong math and technical writing skills are required to keep records of all repairs and maintenance performed on a plane.