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Showing 11 job(s)

Cabin Crew Jobs

Senior Cabin Crew role CAE Parc Aviation UK [United Kingdom]
Direct Employer Flight Attendant Air Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Direct Employer Flight Attendant Air Canada Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Cabin Crew & Senior Cabin Crew First2 Resource LTD Paris, France, Europe (non-UK)
Experienced Cabin Crew CAE Parc Aviation UK [United Kingdom] £10,000 - £15,000
Senior Cabin Crew role CAE Parc Aviation UK [United Kingdom]
Experienced Cabin Crew LHR CAE Parc Aviation Bath, Somerset, South West £10,000 - £15,000
Experienced Cabin Crew LHR CAE Parc Aviation Bath, Somerset, South West £10,000 - £15,000
Experienced Cabin Crew CAE Parc Aviation Denmark, Europe (non-UK)
Senior Cabin Crew CAE Parc Aviation Denmark, Europe (non-UK)

Frequently asked questions

Passengers receive excellent treatment from the Cabin Crew, ensuring their comfort and safety. Those who do Cabin Crew jobs are responsible for preparing and serving in-flight meals and ensuring that safety and security measures are followed in the event of an emergency. They also ensure that the cabin is clean as per airline regulations.

The Cabin Crew is made up of everyone who works on the plane. They provide meals, look after the passengers, and instruct patients on reacting in an emergency. Pursers, sometimes known as senior flight attendants, control the entire crew who interact with passengers.

There are a variety of prerequisites for becoming a Cabin Crew member in the airline industry. Unlike other occupations, they are just required to have five GCSEs. To work with any airline, they must check a variety of boxes. The most fundamental prerequisite for admission is to be at least 18 years old.

For Cabin Crew jobs in British Airways, you must be at least 18 years old and have a height of 5'2" (1.575m) to 6'2" (1.87m) and a weight that is proportional to your height. The company also requires communication skills along with a positive customer service experience.

A Cabin Crew member is also known as an air hostess. Your working hours should ideally be 12 to 14 hours as a Cabin Crew member. If your airline allows it, you can take the extra flight. The majority of airlines provide adequate rest time. You can find more details about newly posted Cabin Crew vacancies at Aviation Job Search.


What are Cabin Crew Jobs Like?

Cabin Crew plays a crucial role on all flights, ensuring customers have a pleasant and safe flight experience. In your Cabin Crew career, you will provide excellent customer service to passengers while guaranteeing their comfort and safety during the journey as a Cabin Crew member. In addition, you will give passengers beverages and meals and sell them gifts and duty-free merchandise. In addition, you will be taught to deal with security and emergencies, which may involve delivering first aid to passengers as part of your job. It is also your obligation to ensure that all emergency equipment is operational and enough supplies are on board before taking off.

Cabin Crew Job Responsibilities

As a member of the Air Cabin Crew, you must maintain and attend a pre-flight briefing when you will be allocated your working duties for the forthcoming flight. Flight details, the itinerary, the number of infants on board, and any passengers with special needs, such as diabetics or individuals in wheelchairs, are all communicated to the crew. They perform pre-flight duties, such as checking safety equipment, performing security checks, ensuring the aircraft is clean and tidy, and all meals, drinks, and stock are on board. It is their job to greet passengers and direct them to their seats. After the flight, they participate in a safety demonstration to ensure that passengers understand how to use the equipment and what safety protocols to follow.

Skills Required to Build A Cabin Crew Career

To successfully perform your job as a Cabin Crew, you will need to demonstrate excellent communication skills, exceptional customer service and confidence in dealing with various people. The airlines expect you to have good cooperation skills while working with multiple teams daily. Positive personality traits such as compassion and the ability to support your coworkers also come in handy. You need to ensure discretion when dealing with VIPs. Competence in handling difficult situations and remaining calm under pressure and in emergencies is also required. Visit Aviation Job Search to apply for the Air Cabin Crew jobs.