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B1.3 Licensed Engineer Jobs

B1.3 EC135 T1/T2 - Stunning Location Excel Technical Consulting French Polynesia, France, Europe (non-UK) €80,000 - €90,000
EASA B1.3 Licensed Engineer — AW139 Lupos Global Limited Germany, Europe (non-UK) €60,000 - €65,000
B1.3 AW139 Contracts Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK)
H145 B1 Licenced Engineer Resource Group UK [United Kingdom]
B1.3 AW139 Contracts Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK) €120,000 - €130,000
B1.3 AS365n3 - 6 on 6 off Volantes Technical Recruitment Middle East
Direct Employer B1.3 Licensed Engineer — ROTARY KOKOMO RESORTS PTE LIMITED Fiji, Oceania
Base maintenance Engineer Cubiq Recruitment Ltd UK [United Kingdom] £50,000 - £60,000
EASA B1.3 AS365 N3 Engineer Lupos Global Limited Italy, Europe (non-UK) €45,000 - €50,000
EASA or UK CAA B1.3 Engineer - H175 Type Rating Lupos Global Limited Aberdeen, Scotland, UK [United Kingdom] £60,000 - £65,000

Frequently asked questions

If you wish to work as an aircraft maintenance engineer, you need to have particular certifications for it. Having a B1.3 licence means you can work on different helicopters having one or more than one turbine engines. A b1.3 licensed engineer overlooks all aspects of the maintenance of helicopters.

B1 is an engineering certification of EASA which is granted to the skilled engineers with expertise in the aircraft structure and engines. They deal with the repair and maintenance of the aircraft's mechanical systems. They follow all the safety guidelines and procedures issued by the airline and aviation regulators.

Usually, b1.3 licensed engineers jobs pay you well. The low ten percent of the licensed engineers in aircraft maintenance might earn very low as compared to the upper ten percentile, but this difference is usually pertaining to the individual’s own rank and level of expertise. The median salary is well for most workers.

In aviation, holding a b1 licence requires several years of experience and training in the department of aircraft maintenance engineering. If you want to be a successful engineer, your communication skills should be good, along with excellent technical knowledge. The utilisation of the technical skills during training can ease the process of getting licence.

If you want to become a b1.3 licensed engineer, you can do so by enrolling in a course of AME. The length of the course is different for category A and category B, and you’re taught both the theory and its practical applications. You also have to demonstrate your capability during the AME course. Find the latest ame posts on Aviation Job Search!


B1.3 Licensed Engineer Job Description 

Being a b1.3 licensed engineer comes with its own set of criteria and requirements. After gaining experience for several years by working on the line as an aircraft maintenance engineer, and having met all the criteria for your aircraft engineering licence, you’re granted with your B1.3 licence which permits you to work as a professional. B1 licensed engineers are trained professionals which operate and manage different aspects of maintenance of one of the two types of airborne vehicles. B1.3 engineers basically specialise in the maintenance of turbo engine helicopters, everything from their base management to complex services. 

B1.3 Licensed Engineer Job Responsibilities 

Being a b1.3 licensed engineer means undertaking many different roles at once. Some of the responsibilities or the tasks that you do while working in the line as a b1.3 engineer are ensuring that the different equipment and technical facilities are in accordance to the quality standards, analysis and interpretation of the technical information, assurance of high quality work and its completion in relation to aircraft, components and completed documentations. It means that you’re exercising your licence during your day to day tasks as an ame, so one could say this job fully utilises all your potential and all you have learned during the training. 

Skills Required For Building B1.3 Licensed Engineer Career

Like every other job out there in aviation, being an aircraft maintenance engineer of any rank means that you need to have a certain set of skills and traits. Like any other engineer, working in the line as a b1.3 licensed engineer requires a deep level of mechanical and technical insight, as well as the dexterity that is needed during hands-on inspection and management of heavy machinery. An engineer in this field is also required to have a keen eye for the smallest of changes, so as to make sure that no malfunctioning is passed on undetected. If you want to explore b1.3 licensed engineer vacancies, go to Aviation Job Search