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Showing 7 job(s)

B1.1 Licensed Engineer Jobs

£43,000 - £50,000 Stansted Aerospace Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, East
Direct Employer
B1.1 Licensed type rating on A330 RR Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK)
B1 Licensed Engineer - 787 Trent Virtual Human Resources Italy, Europe (non-UK) £60,000 - £70,000
EASA B1.1 B747/8 Contract Opportunities Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK) €115,000 - €120,000
EASA B1.1 A320 AND B737NG - Rotation Excel Technical Consulting Netherlands, Europe (non-UK) €70,000 - €80,000
B1.1 Q400 Permanent Opportunities Excel Technical Consulting Germany
B1.1 A330 Licenced Engineers Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK)
B1 on A320, 757, /87 Aviation Job Search France, Europe (non-UK) £30,000 - £40,000

Frequently asked questions

B1.1 licensed engineers are primarily associated with maintaining or working with airplanes with turbine engines. These engines are commonly referred to as jet engines or combustion turbines. The job of the engineers is to carry out the inspection, repair, and maintenance work for fixed-wing airplanes that operate through turbine engines.

The main difference between these categories of aircraft maintenance engineers is that the B1.1 engineers work with airplanes with turbine engines while the B1.2 engineers do repair and maintain airplanes with piston engines. The licenses awarded to these two kinds of engineers are based on their expertise and experience of working on different aircraft.

The average monthly and yearly earnings for b1.1 licensed engineer jobs depend on the employer, working hours, and other factors. Experienced professionals earn pretty well and are entitled to many benefits, even the entry-level positions have good salary packages. So, if you want to pursue your career in aircraft maintenance engineering, there are promising prospects for a bright future.

For obtaining a license from EASA, there are certain requirements that include relevant knowledge and experience. If you have a passion to work with aircraft and want to build your career in the aviation industry, getting the B1.1 licence will not be difficult. For recently advertised engineering job posts, check Aviation Job Search!

It can take up to 6 years to get a B1 category license. You have to study Mechanics and Avionics and get industry experience to give module examinations and gather the license certificates, the whole process can take from 5-6 years and more. Pursuing the path as an aircraft maintenance engineer requires dedication and time and is worth it.


B1.1 Licensed Engineer Job Description

B1.1 licensed engineers are required to perform all the maintenance work as instructed by the chief engineer. They have to make sure that all the assigned tasks are completed within the mentioned timelines. Comprehending the engineering diagrams and manuals is in the b1.1 licensed engineer job description. The engineers have to perform their duties adhering to the safety rules and regulations. They have to create a detailed report of the defects and devise a repair or replacement solution accordingly. Doing a thorough inspection of the jet engines and collaborating with other team members to get a task done is also what these engineers do. 

B1.1 Licensed Engineer Job Responsibilities

The prime responsibility of B1.1 licensed engineers is carrying out maintenance activities and operation in accordance with the maintenance manual or instructions. The daily duties include keeping an updated worksheet and passing it on to the team leader along with maintenance information. They also have to verify that the parts that are being replaced are of a certain quality. They also ensure that all the work is done considering the safety standards of an organisation. The B1.1 licensed engineers can be asked to manage the inventory and submit the inspection sheet to the chief engineer. Explore aircraft maintenance engineering jobs in the UK on Aviation Job Search!

Skills Required to Build a B1.1 Licensed Engineer Career 

For pursuing b1.1 licensed engineer careers, you need to have attention to detail. Managing different tasks and the ability to work under pressure are required for this role. Organising and time management skills are also a must for the position as you have to perform the tasks within the mentioned timelines following the set procedures or maintenance manual. Interpersonal skills are essential for the job along with the flexibility to work in shifts and under supervision. B1.1 licensed engineers can be asked to work in the evening or other shifts, so they have to be adaptable to the working hours and environment.