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Direct Employer Crewing Officer West Atlantic East Midlands Airport, UK Airports, UK [United Kingdom]

Frequently asked questions

An aircrewman’s job is to provide assistance to the pilot for keeping a steady path during a flight and monitor the overall performance of the aircraft. The aircrewman ensures that an airplane is landed safely, some other responsibilities include calculating fuel consumption and reporting technical malfunctioning to the concerned department.

The yearly earnings for aircrewman jobs depend on experience and employer. More experienced aircrew officers get better paid and are entitled to benefits as compared to the ones that have just joined an airline. Moreover, the perks an airline offers to flight operations crew are different like health insurance, travel discounts, and more.

If you want to become an aircrewman, you ought to have a passion for flying and learning the technicalities involved in operating an aircraft. You need a relevant degree in aviation with practical experience to be eligible for applying for aircrewman opportunities. Technical and flight training needs perseverance and inclination towards flight operations.

Aircrew officers rate their job satisfaction above average which indicates that pursuing your career as an aircrewman will be rewarding and gratifying. Handling the pressure in work is key. The working hours for this job can be longer at times but if you like being on the airplane, you will learn how to feel stressed or burn out during longer flights.

Time duration for becoming an aircrewman depends on the flight training and the institute. You need to have a degree in aviation and must complete the required flying hours that are around 250 to obtain the licence to qualify for the position. For recently added aircrew job listings by sought-after employers, check Aviation Job Search!


Aircrewman Job Description

Aircrewmen have to prepare a pre-flight checklist for ensuring that the aircraft systems are functioning properly. They have to monitor the hydraulic, engine, fuel, metal, and other checks. They have to check the weather conditions and coordinate with the air traffic controllers for safe navigation during harsh weather. They are required to make sure that the pre-approved flight plan is avidly followed and everything is under control. Giving instructions to the onboard crew members is also part of the aircrewman job description. Other duties include keeping a check on the technical aspects of a flight and making certain that a flight course is steadily maintained and an airplane is landed safely. 

Aircrewman Job Responsibilities 

Apart from preparing a well-thought-out and devised flight plan, an aircrewman’s responsibility is to make sure that aircraft systems are meticulously checked before the take-off. The aircrewmen coordinate with the air traffic control department to keep the airplane on the steady path. They clearly brief the crew members about the air pockets and harsh weather, so that they communicate the information precisely to the passengers. Fuel requirements are also calculated by the aircrewmen and they have to gauge engine operations as well. They notify the air traffic control department during emergencies to take quick action and provide assistance for avoiding any unpleasant situation.

Skills Required to Build an Aircrewman Career 

Agility and attention to detail are needed for aircrewman jobs. They are required to have good communication skills since they have to coordinate with different departments. Organisation skills will help you build your career as an aircrewman. You must also have the capability to think critically. The ability to solve problems quickly and smartly will aid you to excel in the aviation industry. Aircrewman must be familiar with all the technical flight terms that are used for communicating with air traffic controllers to avoid any misunderstanding. Looking for vacancies in flight operations? Aviation Job Search has the latest advertised positions!