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Showing 17 job(s)

Aircraft Technician Jobs

NDT Technician Level II Lupos Global Limited Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Middle East
Mechanical Operator Morson Talent Moray, Scotland, UK [United Kingdom] £40,000 - £50,000
Aircraft Maintenance - Ryanair Apprenticeship Resource Group Stansted, Essex, East
B2 Engineer ATR 72 -600 CAE Parc Aviation Bangladesh, Asia
B1 Engineer ATR 72 -600 CAE Parc Aviation Bangladesh, Asia £70,000 - £80,000
CAMO Technical Administrator CAE Parc Aviation Malta, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000
Technician/ Senior Technician Arden White Netherlands, Europe (non-UK) €30,000 - €40,000
CAMO Technical Administrator CAE Parc Aviation Malta, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000
CAMO Technical Administrator CAE Parc Aviation Malta, Europe (non-UK) £10,000 - £15,000
B2 Engineer ATR 72 -600 CAE Parc Aviation Bangladesh, Asia

Frequently asked questions

A college degree isn’t required for this occupation but you need to have training from an approved aviation technology institute. There are aircraft mechanics and maintenance programmes offered by different schools that you can take up for becoming a certified technician. 16-47 years is the age requirement for applicants to apply for a technician job in the Royal Air Force.

You are required to complete a Part 147 course to get Category A licence along with one year of experience to get qualified for submitting applications for aircraft technician jobs. However, there are self-improver courses for engineers and they are required to complete longer training before applying for a position. These courses equip them with all the technical skills needed for the job.

Though the average annual income of aircraft technicians varies depending on the employer, working hours and skillset, they are paid well. Entry-level positions and experienced technicians are offered different salaries and perks. There are aircraft technician vacancies for airlines and Royal Air Force that you can apply to depending upon your preference and qualification.

If you have always aspired to work as a technician in aviation and attended the training course with great enthusiasm, you are very likely to enjoy your job. Like any other role, technicians working in the aviation industry sometimes have to work under pressure and stress but if you know how to handle it you will be satisfied. All you need is to have the passion and interest to carry out maintenance work.

Aircraft technicians are needed for the maintenance, repair, and inspection of different air vehicles. They are in demand by the airlines, Government, and private aviation organisations. You are expected to get employment soon after getting certified and trained as an airplane technician. Aviation Job Search has aircraft technician job listings from top employers in the UK!


Aircraft Technician Job Description

Aircraft technicians carry out the repair and maintenance work on airplanes and helicopters. They are required to examine engines, landing gear, fuel, and control systems of an air vehicle to ensure there is no issue during the flight. Replacement and installing of the parts of an aircraft are also what technicians do. They also do the servicing work and make certain the air vehicle is mechanically fit for a flight. Identifying mechanical and electrical issues and fixing them is in the aircraft technician job description. Routine maintenance is assigned to the aviation technical team, they are asked to fix the damaged parts of an aircraft as well. 

Aircraft Technician Job Responsibilities

The technicians working in the aviation industry are responsible for doing routine system inspections and using diagnostic tests for identifying any malfunctioning or broken parts of the aircraft. They are required to keep regular logs for the assigned repair and maintenance tasks and suggest replacement after meticulous examination of a worn-out part. The technicians have to make sure that safety standards are strictly adhered to while performing troubleshooting, replacement of parts, or installation. They have to coordinate with the team for efficient and quick completion of different tasks and must work safely with different tools and technical equipment. 

Skills Required for Building an Aircraft Technician Career

Technicians working in the aviation industry need to have all the knowledge about different kinds of aircraft. They need strong mechanical and good verbal and written communication skills. Being attentive to detail is a quality that will help an aircraft technician to investigate a problem and provide solutions quickly. The mechanics have to analyse a situation and think critically most of the time so if you have analytical and creative thinking skills, you can excel in the technical field. Technicians working on airplanes must have agility and the ability to work for longer hours. Aviation Job Search has all the aircraft technician and other opportunities in airlines that can interest you!