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BAE Systems Saudi Arabia, Middle East
Rotary B1.4 R22/R44 Licensed Engineer GOOSE Recruitment London, UK [United Kingdom] £10000 - £15000
B1.2 Engineer GOOSE Recruitment UK [United Kingdom] £40000 - £50000
Aircraft Maintenance Planner Stobart Air Dublin, Ireland, Europe (non-UK)
EASA, FAA or TCCA B1.2 Engineer GOOSE Recruitment UK [United Kingdom] £40000 - £50000
B1 Licenced Engineer - CL604/605 Resource Group Germany, Europe (non-UK)
B1.3 AW189 Engineer Aviation Job Search South America
EASA B1.3 Licensed Engineer — AW189 Lupos Global Ltd Falkland Islands, South America £60000 - £70000
Airbus Aircraft Performance Engineer Brookfield Aviation International Asia
EASA B1.3 EC145/H145 Engineers Lupos Global Ltd Italy, Europe (non-UK) €50000 - €55000