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Frequently asked questions

The basic requirements for applying as an aircraft or cabin cleaner is having a high school diploma and background check. You are eligible to apply if you have the required documents and references. Once you get the security clearance from an employer you will be able to work as a cleaner on airplanes. Previous experience in a similar capacity can also be helpful.

To get a job as a cleaner for aircraft you don’t necessarily need experience, however basic literacy and references that prove that you have work ethics and no criminal record are required for the application. Plane cleaning jobs’ requirements can vary depending on the airline you intend to apply to, so read the ad carefully before submitting your application.

The estimation of average salaries of airplane cleaners varies depending on their working hours, employer, and other factors. So, it comes down to which airport you are working at and how much workload you can handle. If you like washing and cleaning airplanes, you will find this ground crew job rewarding and satisfying.

The aircraft cleaners are assigned cleaning, washing, and disinfecting the inside and outside areas of the airplanes. They are handed over certain standard cleaning procedures defined by the aviation authorities to prepare the aircraft for boarding a flight. They take out the trash and do a thorough cleaning. Aviation Job Search has the latest airplane cleaner job listings.

There are part-time and temporary airline cleaning job openings in bigger airports but some positions are permanent. If you are interested in a long-term opportunity, look out for vacancies that are not marked temporary. Some of the positions that are available for a limited time period might pay you more so you can explore them as well.


Aircraft Cleaner Job Description 

Aircraft cleaners do a detailed cleaning of the airplanes. After a plane lands, they take out all the garbage, replace the toiletries and disinfect the various areas. They make sure that all the floors and passenger seats are cleaned. The aircraft cleaner job description also includes washing the lavatories and restocking the toilet paper, soaps, and other essentials. Washing off the exterior of an aircraft is also done by the cleaners, they have to ensure there are no stains on the rear and other windows so the pilots can navigate clearly during take-off, landing, and the flight. Airplane cleaning jobs also require the cleaners to stock back the finished items in the cabins. 

Aircraft Cleaner Job Responsibilities 

Being an aircraft cleaner, you have to make sure that all the trash is taken out of an airplane. The floors, seats, cabins, and all spaces are cleaned and disinfected according to the standard procedures defined and described by the authorities. The cleaners check if the passengers have something left behind or search for a lost/valuable item. Assisting the baggage handlers and other ground crew with the cleaning and restocking chores is also what you have to do. The cleaning crew makes sure there is no foul odour inside any area of the plane and there are no stains or marks on the floor to make the experience pleasing for passengers. 

Skills Required for Building an Aircraft Cleaner Career 

Cleaning is a job that requires meticulous attention to detail, so if you want to pursue your career as an airplane cleaner, being attentive is a quality you need to have. Effective communication skills are also required for this role as you have to communicate with other ground staff and cabin crew. Cleaners ought to have honesty and a sense of responsibility. They are required to be efficient at managing time without skipping any important tasks. Cleaners are supposed to be quick learners and hard workers. Aviation Job Search is a trusted job finder for all kinds of aviation jobs in the UK!