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Showing 34 jobs in Spain
Showing 34 jobs in Spain

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The good quality of life, a well-structured healthcare system, and affordable living costs make Spain one of the best European countries to live and work. Though the typical Spanish job market is competitive, the thriving industries in the country like engineering and hospitality have plenty of job openings. The average salary in Spain is almost similar to other European countries. 

The aviation jobs in Spain are aircraft mechanics, first officers, airline sales support agents, aircraft engineers, flight attendants, aviation financial controllers, aviation business developers, cabin crew, aviation data analysts, CAMO engineers, aircraft maintenance technicians, and airline operations analysts. The qualification requirements for these roles are essentially the same but can slightly vary depending on the experience required and other factors. 

The average salary for aviation vacancies in Spain differs depending on the kind of position, experience/skills required, job responsibilities, working hours, and the employer. Overall, the aircraft engineers, aviation financial controllers, and first officers are offered competitive remuneration packages with benefits. Post and search for different kinds of aviation jobs from around the world on Aviation Job Search!


An overview of the Aviation Jobs in Spain

Spain is considered among the likable places to reside and work in Europe because of its high quality of life, good weather, and excellent average wage. Despite having a tough job market, the country has thriving industries like IT, engineering, healthcare, and hospitality that offer plenty of job opportunities to different professionals. The service sector has the highest number of vacancies. Having one of the best healthcare systems, low lodging costs, and career progression prospects are yet a few other factors that attract job seekers to Spain. Being home to many large renowned international companies, the Spanish job market is diverse. Beaches, scenic places to explore, and the diversity of food and cuisines make this country a great place to reside and work in. The popular aviation jobs in Spain include CAMO engineers, aircraft mechanics, airline sales support agents, aircraft engineers, first officers, aviation data analysts, and aircraft maintenance technicians. 

The Kind of Aviation Vacancies in Spain

Spain has a highly developed aerospace industry. The air transport sector contributes a considerable share to Spain’s economy. Besides offering quality employment, the industry accounts for bringing in significant profits from aeronautics sales. In addition to the airline jobs in Spain, other employers include airport operators, aircraft manufacturers, air navigation service providers, and airport onsite enterprises. Aviation supports further jobs indirectly in tourism and other related sectors. The Spanish aeronautics industry is the leading one in many fields like aircraft structures, composite materials, air traffic management systems, and military transport aircraft. The aviation opportunities in Spain include flight attendants, first officers, cadet pilots, airline operations analysts, aviation data analysts, captains, aircraft mechanics, instructors, aviation digital strategy managers, crew controllers, passenger service agents, aviation financial controllers, and aircraft mechanics. Expedite your job search by getting relevant results for the role/postions you are interested in. Sign in to Aviation Job Search!