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Showing 81 jobs in Singapore
Showing 81 jobs in Singapore

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Regarded as one of the easiest cities to settle and work in Asia, Singapore offers promising career opportunities, a quality education system, excellent healthcare amenities and, a safe family-friendly environment for its residents. An effective transport network, high living standards, and a variety of accommodation options are more reasons that make Singapore worth living and working in. 

The aviation jobs in Singapore are first and second officers, air cargo executives, aviation/aerospace area sales managers, executive cabin attendants, aviation repair engineers, aircraft technicians, ramp handlers, quality engineers, pilots, aviation engagement managers, aviation relationship managers, aviation contracts managers, aircraft planners, and aviation finance solicitors. The basic qualification requirements for these roles are the same for different positions. 

The average salary for aviation vacancies in Singapore varies depending on the factors like position, experience/skills required, job responsibilities, working hours, and the employer. Overall, the pilots, quality engineers and other aviation professionals working in Singapore earn well. They are offered competitive remuneration packages and benefits. Check out the latest aviation job listings in Asia on Aviation Job Search!


An Overview of the Aviation Jobs in Singapore 

With its strong economic standing, global innovation, excellent education system, efficient public transport network, cleanliness and safe environment, Singapore ranks among the best Asian cities to live and work in. The city-state offers top-notch healthcare amenities and quality living standards to its residents. Singapore has striking skyscrapers, appealing landmarks and many dining places with delicious cuisines. There is a low crime rate and a high level of transparency. Finding accomodation is easy as there is a variety of options available, however rental properties tend to be expensive. The country has a high cost of living which is balanced by a lenient income tax system. Singapore is a financial hub with plenty of promising job opportunities in services, manufacturing, construction and other sectors. Getting a job in this city-state is not that challenging for qualified professionals. Popular aviation jobs in Singapore are aircraft technicians, pilots, first officers, and aviation engagement managers. 

The Kind of Aviation Jobs in Singapore 

The air transport sector has a considerable contribution to Singapore’s economy. The industry not only provides jobs but plays a significant role in regulating trade flows and boosting investment and tourism. There are many airline jobs in Singapore, the other aviation employers are airport operators, airport on-site enterprises including restaurants and retail outlets, aircraft manufacturers, and air navigation service providers. The industry supports more jobs in the airline supply and chain and freight logistics. The aviation opportunities in Singapore are aviation screening officers, aviation operations supervisors, airline customer experience associates, aviation project managers, aviation finance analysts, aviation/aerospace area sales managers, air cargo executives, executive cabin attendants, aircraft technicians, quality engineers, pilots, aviation planning managers, aviation technical services managers, commercial managers catering (aviation), and ramp handlers. Save time and effort on your job hunt by getting notified of the vacancies relevant to your requirements. Sign in to Aviation Job Search!