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Showing 10 jobs in Netherlands
Showing 10 jobs in Netherlands

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Popular for its amazing culture, art, entrancing tulip fields, and contemporary architecture, the Netherlands is one of the finest places to live. Working in this country has promising prospects because it is an industrial hub. The safest living conditions, work-life balance, and reasonable lodging and public transport make the Netherlands a worth residing and working country. 

The aviation jobs in Netherlands are cabin crew, B1.1 licensed engineers, aircraft maintenance technicians, aviation advisers, aircraft maintenance mechanics, aeronautical/airport system engineers, aviation sales professionals, sheet metal workers/mechanics, battery thermal engineers, aviation senior level IT auditors, cargo managers, and sustainable aviation program managers. The basic qualification criteria for most roles, especially the technical ones are the same.

The average salary for aviation vacancies in Netherlands varies depending on the kind of position, job responsibilities, experience/skills required, working hours, employer, and other factors. Overall, the B1.1 licensed engineers, technicians, and other aviation professionals earn well. They are offered competitive remuneration packages with benefits. Explore the latest aviation job listings around the globe on Aviation Job Search!


An Overview of the Aviation Jobs in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands ranks among the most beautiful European countries. The breathtaking scenic beauty, particularly the tulip fields, modern architecture, windmills, and striking art masterpieces attract tourists from around the world. The country is an industrial hub and home to many top multinationals. The weather in the Netherlands is temperate and the people are among the happiest and most tolerant ones making it a great country to live and work in. Finding accommodation in the country can be a little difficult but cheap apartments are available throughout different housing associations. The Netherlands offers the highest quality of life to its residents, public transport is excellent and relatively affordable, and so are everyday commodities. There is 45 hours long work week and the minimum wage is higher than in most European countries. Popular aviation jobs in Netherland include B1.1 licensed engineers, cabin crew, B1.1 aircraft maintenance technicians, and first officers.

The Kind of Aviation Vacancies in Netherlands 

The air transport sector has a significant contribution to the growth of the Netherlands’ economy. The country has a strong aircraft industry and holds a leading position in Europe in regard to airport innovation. During the 20th century, the Dutch built hundreds of airliners. The country also has a thriving air maintenance industry. In addition to the airline jobs in Netherlands, the other aviation employers include aircraft manufacturing companies, airport retail enterprises, and freight logistics. The aviation industry is supporting further jobs in tourism and related fields. The aviation opportunities in Netherlands are aircraft and component B1 engineers, B1.1 aircraft maintenance technicians, aeronautical/airport systems engineers, aviation sales professionals, electric propulsion systems design engineers, airport security consultants, aerospace supply quality engineers, and airline operations IT business analysts. Expedite your job search by getting alerts for vacancies matching your area of interest and experience. Sign in to Aviation Job Search!