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Showing 17 jobs in Ireland
Showing 17 jobs in Ireland

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Ireland ranks among the best European countries to live and work because of the highest living standards, low corporate taxes, and plenty of job opportunities. The country has the third highest salaries in the European Union and most employers offer a hybrid working model and HR practices that focus on employee engagement, making it a great place to work. 

The aviation jobs in Ireland are aircraft record specialists, aviation business development executives, aircraft line maintenance controllers, aircraft engine mechanics, aircraft maintenance assistants, first officers, captains, co-pilots, tech aviation solutions consultants, aviation finance solicitors, airport customer service agents, and crew controllers. The basic qualification requirements for these roles especially the technical ones are almost the same for different positions. 

The average salary for aviation vacancies in Ireland differs depending on the factors like the kind of position, experience/skills required, job responsibilities, and the employer. Overall, aviation professionals in this country are offered competitive remuneration packages with benefits. Are you looking for a job in the European aviation industry? Check out the latest listings on Aviation Job Search!


An Overview of the Aviation Jobs in Ireland 

Ireland is among the top European countries that offer technology and other jobs to multilingual job seekers. The country has thriving pharma, IT, finance, and aviation industries that have promising and exciting prospects for professionals who want to excel in their careers. Being the only English-speaking country in the EU is yet another reason that makes Ireland one of the desirable places to reside and work in. The country’s annual wage is among the third highest in the European countries and most employers offer a hybrid working environment to their employees which allows them to settle in affordable, suburban areas saving the expensive lodging costs. The employee-friendly HR practices and promotion accelerator schemes are among the other compelling reasons to take up a job in Ireland. The popular aviation jobs in Ireland are aircraft engine mechanics, aviation business development executives, co-pilots, captains, first officers, crew controllers, and aviation finance solicitors. 

The Kind of Aviation Vacancies in Ireland

Ireland has around 5 decades of aviation leasing and financing experience which makes it an aviation hub. The aviation industry contributes a significant share to Ireland’s economy. Having half of the world’s aircraft being leased and owned in this country, the sector is providing employment to a considerable percentage of workers associated with the leasing companies and air transport and logistics. In addition to the airline jobs in Ireland, other work opportunities are offered by aircraft manufacturers, air navigation service providers, airport on-site enterprises, and airport operators. The sector supports more jobs related to consumer goods and services. The aviation vacancies in Ireland include aviation safety managers, aviation finance solicitors, aviation finance accountants, aviation customer interface managers, sales agents for the aviation sector, captains, co-pilots, and aircraft mechanics. Improve the chances of quickly finding a job by getting filtered results matching your expertise/experience. Sign in to Aviation Job Search!