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CBA - VX20 - Aircraft Mechanic Egress - Naval Test

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Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland
8 days ago
  • Maintains assigned aircraft in accordance with Navy, manufacturer and company instructions.
  • Responsible for all egress system on and off equipment maintenance on assigned squadron aircraft. 
  • Removes, transports, inspects, repairs and reinstalls ejection seats. Inspects, repairs and cleans seat harnesses.
  • Inventories, stores, removes and replaces seat CAD/PAD explosive items.
  • Maintains environmental system on assigned squadron aircraft.
  • Maintains, inspects canopy explosive devices. 
  • Maintains and inspects on board oxygen generating system (OBOGS).
  • Performs aircraft scheduled/unscheduled on and off equipment maintenance. 
  • Performs aircraft corrosion control procedures to include wash, wipe down, polish and vacuum.
  • Operates GSE, flight line vehicles and other support equipment as required.
  • Supervises/assists in aircraft/equipment movement and flight line foreign object prevention walks.
  • Practices good housekeeping, tool control, FOD awareness/prevention and safety at all times.
  • Comply with all current sections of COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2 series applicable to aircraft maintenance and ALSS.
  • Working knowledge of technical publications, NAMP and NALCOMIS aircraft maintenance applications.
  • Perform other job related duties as may be assigned.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Qualified on ground support equipment applicable to the specialty.
  • Capable of conducting on-the-job training and maintenance of Contractor personnel seat/cockpit safety checkout training records.
  • Qualified and experienced in the removal and replacement of ejection seats, canopies and explosive devices, both "I" and "0" levels, and the rigging of explosive linkages/devices applicable to seats and canopy.
  • Ability to perform flow checks on egress systems.
  • Interpersonal skills to deal with the customer and company employees in a courteous, professional and effective manner.
  • Working knowledge of environmental control systems both "I" and "0" levels.
  • In-depth working knowledge of aircraft safety directives.
  • In-depth knowledge of aircraft technical orders/job guides/publications—and the ability to read, interpret, follow and comprehend schematic diagrams, drawings, charts and technical publications.
  • In-depth knowledge (aircraft/vehicle movement and safety/hazards) of flight line operations.
  • Working knowledge (input and extract data) of computers.
  • In depth knowledge of aircraft common and special tools and test equipment.
  • Possess a valid US State driver's license.
  • Ability to read and interpret data is required.
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand English.
  • Must have a current civilian driver’s license the ability to obtain and maintain a Government flight line driver’s license Ability to obtain and maintain level of security clearance required by the Government.

Experience & Education

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be a graduate of a military or factory equivalent ejection seat course of instruction.
  • Must have completed the appropriate T/M/S Navy Skill Specialty Class "C" school for AME or USMC, USCG equivalent.
  • Must be a graduate of a military or factory equivalent ejection seat course of instruction.
  • Experience in the fitting and rigging of aircraft canopy, canopy drive and locking mechanisms, both "I" and "0" levels.
  • Minimum of four (4) years’ experience in relevant aircraft/systems and qualified on ground support equipment applicable to the specialty.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • May work in Aircraft maintenance hanger or outside.
  • May be required to respond to a wide variety of operational circumstances, including extreme weather conditions and rudimentary infrastructure.
  • May be exposed to extreme noise from turbine and jet engine aircraft.
  • May be exposed to fumes or airborne particles; may be exposed to electrical shock hazards or work near moving mechanical parts, vehicles, or aircraft.
  • Must be able to walk and stand on level and/or inclined surfaces for certain periods throughout the day.
  • Must be able to climb stairs, ramps, ladders, and work stands.
  • Must be able to crouch, crawl, grasp or handle objects, use finger dexterity, bend elbow/knee and reach above/below shoulders.
  • May be required to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • May be required to see aircraft in flight, read dials/gauges, identify small objects and hand tools.
  • Must be able to see imperfections, micrometer readings and other small scales.
  • Must be able to communicate by voice and detect sound by ear.
  • Must be able to distinguish color and judge three-dimensional depth.
  • May be required to operate power vehicles, machinery, hand tools, ground support equipment, fork lift, APU, etc.


May vary by location.

Employee benefits include the following:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Life insurance, AD&D, and disability benefits
  • Retirement plan
  • Wellness programs
  • Paid time off, including holidays
  • Learning and Development resources
  • Employee assistance resources

Pay and benefits are subject to change at any time and may be modified at the discretion of the company, consistent with the terms of any applicable compensation or benefit plans


Vertex Current Openings

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Aircraft Mechanic, Mechanics in Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Maryland, United States

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