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            Frequently asked questions

            A UAV systems engineer, as part of UAV operations, basically inspects and runs tests on newly manufactured system softwares, electronics and hardware components. A systems engineer not only executes these test plans but also formulates them. During execution of these plans, the engineer also performs hands-on integration of mechanical parts.

            The UAV engineer salary might not be the same for every individual, but might vary from one engineer to another. Geographical region, skill level, and years of experience might account for these differences in salary. Other than that, the average salary for a UAV system engineer is handsome and can be raised after gaining experience.

            Being a UAV systems engineer means overseeing all the different aspects like transportation, product development, software of different projects or systems. Their main purpose is to develop techniques and methodology that tests a newly manufactured product like a test plane or any component of different airborne equipment.

            A job of system engineering, especially a UAV systems engineer, is a perfect blend for those who can deal with software complexity, as well as manage hardware parts. Especially in aviation, being a systems engineer means tackling complex machinery, which might include hands-on work. So it can be quite challenging for those who are up for such tasks.

            Due to the growing frontier of the drone industry, there is an equivalent growth in the job opportunities. So drone pilots, and likewise UAV systems engineer jobs are increasing proportionally. The scope of this job has also broadened and now the companies in different industries are looking to hire these engineers for controlling the unmanned vehicle.


            UAV Systems Engineer Job Description 

            If you want to become a UAV systems engineer, usually a master’s or a bachelor’s degree in any of the relevant engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, or aeronautical engineering is required. After the education, a training of at least more than three years is required in UAVs. This training and education particularly become useful when you need to get involved in the building, planning and actual flight operations of the large UAVs. Of course such a job naturally asks for mechanical and technical dexterity, as testing and dealing with heavy airborne equipment usually does.

            UAV Systems Engineer Job Responsibilities 

            The job of a UAV systems engineer consists of many different things, like running tests on newly manufactured unarmed aerial vehicles, inspecting the different mechanical parts for any malfunction and suggesting improvements. It also includes indulging in maintenance of the vehicle and keeping the fleet ready for flight test. As the hardware components are also dealt with, the job might also include some hands-on integration of such parts. Apart from planning and executing flight tests plans for new prototypes, you might also need to be on the watch for any emerging techniques that could give you a potential benefit over your competitors. 

            Skills Required For Building UAV Systems Engineer Career

            The skills that are required for building a UAV systems engineer career include an experience in flight testing and operating. In the UAV operations, you also need to be an expert in plan making, as this helps you a lot during flight planning. A complete knowledge about different electrical test equipment is essential and fundamental in this job when dealing with such machinery like an oscillogram. Aside from all the technical skills, good verbal and written communication skills help you execute all the plans that you’ve made about the infrastructure. If you want to know more about UAV engineer vacancies, go to Aviation Job Search