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            Frequently asked questions

            Test pilot training is given by test pilot schools, each of which has its own entrance criterion. Generally, the required qualification is military pilot. The applicant must have a degree in physics, mathematics, engineering, physical science, and experience of having flown more than one thousand flight hours. To apply for training, one must also make a commitment to serve the nation.

            To be a test pilot, you need to have a pilot certificate. Generally, a civilian applicant must at least have a degree in physics or mathematics. An aspirant is required to demonstrate exceptional expertise in flight, as well as remarkable grip on physics and mathematics. Strong technical skills and the ability of dealing with emergency situations is a must.

            Test pilot salary uk statistics show that it depends upon various factors like rank, type of job, education, and where the aviator works. The pay range also depends upon the institution under which one is working. A well experienced test pilot can expect a salary at the top of pay scale, while a new candidate may have to wait a few years to do so.

            A test pilot, as the name implies, runs a test flight on an aircraft after it has been first manufactured, or repaired. They also fly experimental prototypes. Their main job is to suspect if the aircraft is running smoothly and is up to the safety standards, and to suggest any modifications in its design, in case of any malfunctioning.

            Test pilot jobs are offered everywhere by aircraft manufacturing plants. Experienced job applicants with a military background are welcomed for employment in both government agencies as well as in the private sector. Engineering test pilots have an opportunity to advance to Chief Test Pilot. Airline test pilots may be promoted to administrative staff.


            Test Pilot Job Description 

            Test pilots are versatile, fearless individuals capable of flying just about any aircraft. They need to be flexible in their work, because the equipment they run tests on can be anything from passenger planes to fighter jets. They are trained to have experimental flights on newly manufactured or repaired aircrafts. The test pilot job description includes the presence of remarkable professional skills, technical prowess, and capabilities. These pilots have a keen eye and a thorough mechanical insight that enables them to detect any minute error or malfunction in the machinery. Visit Aviation Job Search to explore the latest vacancies about Test pilot.

            Test Pilot Job Responsibilities 

            Although the job of a test pilot does not necessarily demand strenuous physical work, their mental capabilities are highly tested. Their knowledge and training is put to test in the most challenging and crucial way. They not only have to suspect and look for any mechanical fault, but also suggest its solution, thus testing their critical thinking and knowledge. Test pilots are valiant, adventurous individuals possessing a diverse knowledge and training of aviation. They also have to be on the watch for unexpected dangers and situations, a task of  the most critical and even life threatening nature. 

            Skills Required for Building Test Pilot Career

            Like any other job, to become a pilot, you have to have unique and pertinent skills. Vigilance, dexterity, audacity and versatility are the most necessary traits anyone aspiring to be a test pilot must have. One must also excel in their education and training of a test pilot. The test pilot careers demand you to be mentally prepared all the time; always keeping the pilots on their guard. So, a certain level of healthy physique should also be present in the applicants.  It’s also essential to have a great attention to detail and precision for operating the aircraft. Find out more about the new openings on Aviation Job Search.