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            Materiel Support Manager
            Materiel Support Manager Shorterm Limited
            Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland
            Full time
            £40,000 - £50,000
            2 days ago
            Material Controller
            Material Controller Line Up Aviation
            Full time
            16 days ago
            Spares Buyer
            Direct Employer
            Spares Buyer Safran Landing Systems
            Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
            Full time
            18 days ago
            Engineering - Material Management Associate
            Engineering - Material Management Associate Singapore Airlines
            Singapore, Singapore
            649 days ago
            Engineering - Material Management Associate
            Engineering - Material Management Associate Singapore Airlines
            Singapore, Singapore
            649 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            Yes, working as a Supply Chain personnel can be a challenging profession. However, in order to ensure that everything runs well at every step in the Supply Chain, a great deal of attention to detail and business acumen are required. To learn about the latest Supply Chain jobs, visit Aviation Job Search.

            It is unnecessary to be exceptionally gifted in mathematics for the Supply Chain management study and execution portions. You should be familiar with Microsoft Excel and basic formulas for calculating purposes, as well as have a strong interest in Supply Chain management. If you are able to obtain this, you will be able to attain more tremendous success in the same sector.

            A career in Supply Chain Management is one of the most lucrative fields in the field of Business Administration. After completing a Master's degree in Supply Chain management, the average salary in the United Kingdom is relatively high. Nonetheless, one aspect might have a significant impact on Supply Chain Management compensation in the UK, and that is the industry in which one chooses to work.

            Supply Chain management (SCM) in the airport industry entails monitoring the interactions between all chain members, controlling inventory, estimating demand, and receiving continual feedback on what is happening at every link, all with the goal of adding value to all members of the SC.

            Some of the common job titles in the Supply Chain are Commodity Specialist, Business Analyst, Demand Planning Manager, a position that requires a bachelor's degree. Other titles include Vice President of Global Procurement, Director of Supply Management and Director of Distribution Management.

            There are many titles and roles available for supply chain managers, depending on their experience and qualifications and the organization in which they work. Common supply chain management roles include Business Analyst, Commodity Specialists, Logistics & Distribution Director, Director, Operations Director, Director, Supply Management Director, Distribution Manager, Director, and Global Sourcing Director.

            Supply chain jobs require, most importantly, efficient management and relationship-building skills. Building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between suppliers, vendors, customers, and other stakeholders in logistics and supply chain management is business critical. Using social media for your job search can also help you land your dream supply chain job. 

            Not really, unless you own the business; even then, it would be best to hire a supply chain management specialist if you want your company to prosper. Mostly, a bachelor’s degree is required for supply chain managers after graduating high school. Some programs specialize in supply chain management. However, many other related majors, such as finance, business, or engineering, can also help prepare them for the task.

            There is always some stress with any job you do where you have some degree of responsibility. For jobs in supply chain management, there is a potential for a lot of stress; they, as professionals, often work long hours, and problems can arise quickly and unexpectedly at times and usually require immediate solutions. For example, you are resolving a last-minute delivery and transport problem on the other side of the planet at night, when you should be sleeping – stressful, isn’t it?

            Happiness is not the same for everyone; people have different things that make them happy. However, in a recent survey of supply chain specialists, more than 80% said they have a positive outlook on their career and would recommend jobs in supply chain management as they are rewarding. Additionally, around 45% of supply chain specialists enjoy at least four weeks of paid holidays.


            What are Supply Chain jobs like?

            It is an unprecedented problem for the aviation sector to reduce maintenance costs, provide high service levels, and sustain inventory levels at current levels. Aviation sectors are now taking advantage of Supply Chain solutions to solve these difficulties in the future more effectively. For example, it is possible to estimate client requirements, assess the accuracy of stock levels, and study demand patterns thanks to the use of Supply Chains in the aviation business. In addition, aviation service companies can track maintenance costs in terms of time, components, and labour supplies by using effective Supply Chain solutions in their operations. Some of the job titles associated with this department are inventory clerk, production clerk, SCL Coordinator, SC manager, Director, analysts, and a variety of other positions as well.

            Supply Chain Job Responsibilities

            Supply Chain managers are in charge of keeping track of logistics and updating the company's stock levels. They are responsible for analysing and resolving operational difficulties. Aside from that, they cooperate with vendors and suppliers to guarantee that all activities (such as shipping and delivery) adhere to the highest possible quality and safety requirements. Supply Chain personnel are responsible for the development and monitoring of a company's Supply Chain strategy. Their goal is to increase productivity and efficiency while lowering expenses while ensuring that their company receives high-quality materials. Examining data from the shipping and delivery processes in order to identify bottlenecks and other problems is also a part of their job.

            Skills Required to Build Supply Chain Career

            To identify and implement cost-effective solutions for Supply Chain operations, resolve issues that arise (e.g., delivery delays, accidents) and collaborate with other departments to develop coordinated plans, you need business growth skills. In addition, they must have a thorough awareness of Supply Chain procedures, as well as extensive knowledge of applicable software and enterprise resource planning systems. Overall, the responsibilities of Supply Chain personnel necessitate excellent project management and problem-solving abilities. Visit Aviation Job Search to find relevant supply chain vacancies in aviation.

            Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain Management

            Supply chain management, in commerce, refers to the management of the flow and movement of goods and services among businesses and locations. That could include movement and storage for raw materials, inventory work-in-progress, finished goods, and fulfillment of end-to-end orders from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Whereas aviation logistics involves moving cargo or passengers and valuable resources quickly and reliably over long distances. Sound familiar to the supply chain definition? Well, it gets better as aviation logistics increase people’s quality of life worldwide and improve their standard of living. Although you might be more familiar with “aviation” and “logistics,” logistics is something you see every time you travel or buy a product. Aviation logistics is comprised of those companies and individuals who specialize in moving goods and people by air. There are many opportunities for career advancement worldwide, as international corporations often hire many graduates.

            Work Environment of Supply Chain Management Jobs

            Although supply chain managers work in offices, they often travel to suppliers, warehouses, and distribution centers. Supply chain managers must take safety precautions when visiting these places to avoid injury. As a supply chain manager, it can be exhausting. They spend hours looking at spreadsheets and assessing material requirements. Supply chain managers must have excellent interpersonal skills as they must often negotiate with suppliers and transport workers to ensure that goods arrive at their destinations regularly. Supply chain managers work 40 hours a week. However, they may work longer hours if there is a disruption in the supply chains.