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            Sheet Metal Worker
            Sheet Metal Worker Shorterm Limited
            Birmingham, West Midlands, England
            Full time
            £50,000 - £60,000
            1 day ago
            Sheet Metal Worker
            Sheet Metal Worker Shorterm Limited
            Birmingham, West Midlands, England
            £80,000 - £90,000
            1 day ago
            Programme Lead - Marine/Defence
            Programme Lead - Marine/Defence Shorterm Limited
            Dorset, England, United Kingdom
            Full time
            £60,000 - £70,000
            6 days ago
            5 Hours to Apply
            Static Stress Repair Engineer
            Static Stress Repair Engineer Line Up Aviation
            £90,000 - £100,000
            9 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            Stress engineers tend to earn handsomely in most cases around the world. Their jobs as aircraft maintenance crew pays them exceptionally well. The average salary is high in most cases, but it can fluctuate depending on different factors such as rank, expertise and education.

            A stress engineer is responsible for specialising in developing and performing analysis of different aircraft equipment or parts. Their main purpose is to use stress to test an aircraft’s structure. They work in different industries such as automotive, aerospace, aviation, and even healthcare.

            If you want to become a stress engineer, you will need to have a bachelor of science degree in engineering, along with an interest in stress analysis. You will also need to have an in-depth knowledge of principles of engineering and the related design techniques.

            If you are wondering what is a stress engineer in aviation, you should know that they are the ones who determine the stresses and strains in materials when different forces and heavy loads are applied on them. And because it’s the aviation industry, these structures and structural components will be of different aircrafts. 

            This profession requires extreme care and attention to detail because you properly test all the aircraft equipment, structures and test their efficiency. Like all other jobs in the Aviation industry, the workload can be immense but you can fulfill the tasks if you have the required patience.


            Stress Engineer Job Description 

            If you want to build a successful career in aerospace, then the job of a stress engineer is one of the most rewarding and thrilling ones for you. The job, as is the case with other roles, requires its own special education and training. The education can be a bachelor’s degree in any of the required engineering fields like aeronautical or stress engineering. After the completion of your education, several years of experience in the field is also required for you to apply for a job as a stress engineer. In this profession, you will utilise all the knowledge of physical and other sciences that you have acquired during your educational years. 

            Stress Engineer Job Responsibilities 

            Stress engineers assume an essential part in the designing of airplanes. Their fundamental job is to decide the elastic limits  and strains in materials and constructions when exposed to heavy loads and weighty burdens. In the flight business, this job will chiefly deal with airplane and rocket bodies. Be that as it may, investigation could likewise occur on anything from scaffolds, passages, and right down to plastic cutlery. Commonly, the information for stress examination are a mathematical depiction of the construction, the properties of the materials utilised for its parts, how the parts are associated, and what the most extreme power is that can be applied to every one of the designs. The investigation might study powers that shift with time, like motor vibrations or the heap of moving vehicles.

            Skills Required For Building Stress Engineer Career

            The job of a stress engineer demands a unique blend of educational as well as personal accomplishments. Having a thorough grip over the knowledge of mechanics and strain physics is not just enough, you need to be a competent individual who can put that knowledge into practical use. You need to have an exceptional mechanical aptitude as the job involves hands-on working experience with different types of machineries. Apart from that, a good work ethic as well as a sound health is also necessary to make your work experience pleasurable. Go to Aviation Job Search and apply for the newly posted aircraft maintenance engineers vacancies.