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            Quality Manager
            Quality Manager Volantes Technical Recruitment
            Full time
            22 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            In QA engineer jobs, you’re required to plan and implement all the logistics related to the safe and smooth operation. Quality assurance managers also work in all sorts of industries. In the industry of aviation, their main job is to ensure the safety standards in aircraft manufacturing.

            In this job, you will receive one of the most handsome packages of salary. The average salary of a quality assurance manager is well into six-digits, most of the time. But there are some cases where a slight shift is observed. This could be attributed to various factors such as rank and education.

            If you are looking for this job, then you should have a bachelor of science degree, or an equivalent associate’s degree. After the education, you can get relevant experience by working as an intern. Apart from these requirements, you are also needed to have some exceptional attributes.

            The skills that you need as a QA manager are time management and excellent problem-solving. Your written and verbal communication skills should also be top-notch. You should be attentive towards small details; as it often comes handy implementing quality standards in aviation.

            Both the concepts of quality control and quality assurance are closely related, but there is a difference between the two. Despite both of them being the aspects of quality control, quality control deals with verifying the quality of output, while QA is the process of managing for quality.

            QA (quality assurance) is a critical part of the airline industry; it focuses on ensuring that all activities in the airline are done according to standards, procedures, and requirements. QA also oversees routine inspections and audits and ensures aeroplanes and other equipment are maintained to the highest standards.

            Quality is very important in the aerospace industry. It can save both time and money. Early intervention can prevent problems before they can become major issues. The goal of quality management is to prevent problems from happening before the craft rolls off the production line.

            Quality assurance and quality control are essential aspects of a quality management system. While QA focuses on identifying defects before they occur, QC is more concerned with ensuring a finished product is defect-free. Each method has its unique set of objectives, but the overall goal is to achieve high quality.

            There are four steps to implementing a quality assurance program. During each phase, the quality objective is defined and measurable. The plan should also be communicated to all team members, managers, and the entire organisation so that there is a smooth transition.

            Quality assurance ensures that products and services are free from defects and meet customer expectations. High-quality products and services can boost customer loyalty and build brand recognition. They can also help a business avoid unforeseen emergencies and promote efficiency.


            Quality Assurance Manager Job Description 

            QA manager jobs are the kind of jobs that are found in almost all the industries out there like health care, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and of course, aviation too. The nature of the products you deal with might vary, but in every industry the main job of the quality assurance manager is to develop methodologies to check the quality of the manufactured products. In order to be eligible for this job, you need to have the relevant  experience and education. This education could be an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in any of the relevant engineering fields like environmental engineering. Explore latest job listings in logistics on Aviation Job Search.

            Quality Assurance Manager Job Responsibilities 

            Before applying for QA manager jobs, you should know about the job’s responsibilities and requirements. During your job as a quality assurance manager, you will need to design and implement technological strategies to improve the condition of an aircraft manufacturing company’s standards. You will have a hawk-eyed view over all the aspects of the quality control, so as to detect any area of potential growth. Your job might also include assisting or helping your employers in the recruiting process. After doing all the work, you will need to make reports to track the progress of quality control. The job also includes reviewing the processes to make sure they are aligned with current trends. 

            Skills Required For Building Quality Assurance Manager Career

            Before building a QA manager jobs career, you should be knowledgeable about the skills that are demanded in this job, so you could assess if you even have these skills or not. The main skills in this job are analytic and critical thinking skills. You should be able to make considered decisions and to communicate these decisions to others effortlessly. In a job of this kind, technical aptitude is a must have, because you need to develop various techniques for the betterment of the manufactured goods. Planning and organisational skills, interpersonal skills, as well as team working skills are also needed. Visit Aviation Job Search to get comprehensive detail about the jobs in Aviation.

            Work Environment of QA Manager

            The Work Environment of a QA Manager in Aviation varies greatly. The job responsibilities are varied, and the environment is often a mixture of a traditional office setting and the flight line. The job requires a high degree of technical proficiency and a desire to assist others in developing solutions and metrics. QA Managers are responsible for overseeing the activities of QA and QC personnel. They instruct quality assurance staff on new procedures and provide oversight throughout the QA process. They may also participate in the process and work closely with other team members to ensure that all QA methodologies are followed. They are also responsible for identifying issues and taking corrective action and this position can be quite demanding and requires extensive experience and training in aerospace quality assurance. The Work can be challenging, but the rewards are equally great. Typical job duties involve maintaining an ongoing training program, reviewing MDRs and OOMA reports, ensuring that flight crews are properly trained and briefed before and after flight operations, and ensuring compliance with the company's Quality Assurance Programme.

            Career Path of A Quality Assurance Manager

            In the aviation industry, the salary of a Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) is usually among the highest in the sector. The salary of this position can be higher or lower depending on the city you live in and the level of education you have acquired. The career of a Quality Assurance Manager in aviation involves a variety of duties. They must be technically inclined and have excellent analytical skills. They must also be capable of communicating expectations to employees and taking corrective action when necessary. Additionally, they must have extensive knowledge of the industry requirements. To become a Quality Assurance Manager in Aviation, one must have a four-year degree in a relevant field. A background in computer science or another related field is recommended. However, some employers may hire candidates with experience in any field. Some employers look for at least five years of work experience.