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            Quality Control Manager
            Direct Employer
            Quality Control Manager Beagle Technology Group
            Christchurch, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, England
            Full time
            £50,000 - £56,000
            16 days ago
            Program Quality Engineer
            Program Quality Engineer Line Up Aviation
            Full time
            7 days ago
            Quality Assurance Engineer
            Quality Assurance Engineer Cubiq Recruitment Ltd
            Ulverston, South Lakeland, Cumbria
            Full time
            £30,000 - £40,000
            14 days ago
            Quality Engineer
            Quality Engineer Cubiq Recruitment Ltd
            Ulverston, South Lakeland, Cumbria
            Full time
            £30,000 - £40,000
            14 days ago
            Quality Assurance Specialist
            Quality Assurance Specialist Line Up Aviation
            Full time
            24 days ago
            Senior Avionics Systems Engineer
            Direct Employer
            Senior Avionics Systems Engineer BAE
            United Kingdom
            116 days ago
            KWI35 - Quality Manager
            Direct Employer
            KWI35 - Quality Manager Specialist Aviation Services Limited
            Kuwait, Nakuru, Kenya
            139 days ago
            Quality Engineer für den Zeitraum von 18 Monaten
            Direct Employer
            Quality Engineer für den Zeitraum von 18 Monaten GKN
            Munich, Bavaria, Germany
            139 days ago
            6 Hours to Apply
            Quality Document Control
            Direct Employer
            Quality Document Control CMI Group Aerospace & Defense
            Tempe, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
            140 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            The QA engineer does a detailed inspection and audit of the equipment, system, and processes to make sure that everything is in accordance with the defined requirements. The engineers identify issues pertaining to the quality and provide solutions to ensure the machines and operations run smoothly as per the set standards.

            Even for entry-level qa engineer jobs, you need to have at least an associate’s degree. For senior-level positions, bachelor’s and master’s degrees are required along with relevant experience. The application requirements vary for different employers but you need to prepare How to answer: ‘What is your greatest strength?’ question in an interview to impress the recruiter.

            The work of quality assurance engineers is quite interesting for those who like to find solutions to problems. There are promising career opportunities for QA engineers in the aviation industry. Workers in the QA department are among the happiest of employees based on different studies conducted, so overall it is a brilliant career choice.

            You can excel at being a great quality assurance engineer by completely understanding the product and system requirements that you need to take care of. Being meticulous will help you with inspecting the machines and knowing what you need to improve. qa automation test jobs and other roles require critical and analytical thinking skills.

            A senior QA engineer leads the team and makes sure that the testing of procedures, equipment, and system is being done according to the defined rules. The engineer has the authority to modify the existing quality test processes for achieving the desired goals. Aviation Job Search has QA job listings by top employers in the UK!

            According to several career blogs, QA was one of the fastest-growing requirements. According to them, there has been a rise in QA Engineer jobs, but there are not enough experienced and qualified individuals. 

            No matter your background, you can be a project manager. A QA background allows you to continue using your QA skills as a manager. One of the responsibilities of a manager of projects is to ensure the project produces a high-quality result.

            Quality assurance in aviation refers to the whole monitoring structure that handles the equipment, systems, and processes to ensure that they meet all standards set by ICAO and Civil Aviation Regulation bodies.

            Quality control is a "part of Management centered around meeting quality requirements." Quality assurance refers to the process or product being made. However, quality control is more about the inspection aspect.

            There are four main QA steps, which refer to the quality assurance life cycle. When Applying for quality assurance engineer jobs in aviation as an internee or a first job, you might be asked some basic questions like these. The four steps are Plan, Do, Check, and Act.


            Quality Assurance Engineer Job Description

            The engineers assess the quality of the system, technical design documents, and products to provide detailed feedback. They do all the planning that goes into quality management and testing of the equipment and systems. They also have to make sure that problem areas are identified and explained to devise strategies that work toward resolving the issues in an efficient and accurate manner. Writing the test cases is also in the quality assurance engineer job description. The engineers suggest to the developers, manufacturers, and other teams how to go about fixing the problems pertaining to maintaining quality. They need to understand the requirements of a client scrupulously to devise plans. 

            Quality Assurance Engineer Job Responsibilities

            The basic responsibilities of a quality assurance engineer are designing and developing test plans and cases. In addition to vetting the processes, equipment, and system, the engineers execute test cases and script them. Senior qa engineer jobs involve preparing the test environment and data. They have to provide summary reports of the tests to clients. Automated QA testing roles involve using automated testing tools for checking the software and machines being developed. The engineers have to ensure that the QA tests and solutions offered comply with the set standards. They must do proper research to use the most recent testing trends and best practices in the projects.

            Skills Required for Building a Quality Assurance Engineer Career

            QA engineers have to be attentive to detail for spotting any loopholes in the quality management system and fixing them. They have to be good problem solvers as there will be situations in which they have to come up with a quick and effective solution to an issue. Interpersonal and communication skills are essential for the role as the engineers have to interact with people inside and outside the team. The ability to think and analyse things in a critical way is required for the position along with emotional intelligence and being good with numbers. See the latest advertised engineering job openings on Aviation Job Search!

            Example Job Summary of A Quality Assurance Engineer Job    

            The Quality Engineer reports to the Quality Manager; the person in this position is responsible for maintaining the Quality Management System. They will also manage audits, maintenance, and operations of AS9100 Rev D certified products. As the company expands its manufacturing capabilities, the ideal candidate can take on various tasks supporting the QMS' evolution.

            Expected Work Environment at QA Engineer Job

            QA Engineers in the aviation industry work in many settings, including offices, laboratories, and industrial plants. Many spend part of their day at production and testing sites. They might also travel to remote locations. They may also relocate when working on a project abroad. QA Engineers typically work 40 hours a week. QA engineers may need to work extra hours or on weekends if they have to meet tight deadlines or solve last-minute issues.

            Future Prospects of Quality Assurance Engineer Jobs

            As with most jobs, Quality Assurance Engineer jobs depend on the economy. However, with a shift towards going green in the aviation industry, the requirement for QA engineers with such expertise will also see a rise in demand. Initially, the pandemic halted certain jobs, especially those associated with the commercial aircraft industry. Yet, manufacturers associated with the military and emergency response sectors did see a stagnation but no considerable decrease (lay-offs).  Given how countries come out of recession and their economies improve, we will see a growth in the demand for QA Engineer jobs.