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            Frequently asked questions

            A metrologist calibrates instruments, interprets data, designs new tools, and is associated with researching the science of measurement. They do specialisation in engineering related to calibration and are employed in manufacturing and other industries to use their expertise in measuring. They also come up with new methods to comprehend the provided information.

            You need to have an engineering degree and training or apprenticeship to qualify for applying to metrology engineer jobs. Many employers ask for a masters’ degree which eliminates the requirement for years of experience. If you want to pursue your career as a metrologist, take a look at the institutes offering relevant engineering degrees.

            The average per annum salary of metrology engineers varies depending on the position, employer, and working hours. Overall, they are paid quite well and get entitled to benefits based on the permanent jobs and the organisation they are working for. Working in aviation and other industries, you can make good money as a metrologist.

            There are different ways to enter into metrology, you can take up a college or university course or do an apprenticeship or specialist training course. If you do a foundation degree it has to be in mechanical or manufacturing engineering, maths, or physics. The degree will take 4 years and the training duration is usually around 36 months.

            If you are interested in the science of calibration or measurement, you will not find it hard to study the course and later lay your hands on the practical training. Like any other science, this field requires an inclination for the subject and the drive to learn more. Explore aircraft maintenance engineers’ job listings on Aviation Job Search!


            Metrology Engineer Job Description

            Being a metrology engineer requires you to visit the site, work in a lab, or at a manufacturing plant. The engineers calibrate the instruments or equipment given to them and interpret data to design new tools considering the measurement. They have to advise the technicians on how to fix the production problems when working on a manufacturing site. They have to check that the technical drawings match the product standards. Doing the meticulous testing of the finished products to see if their dimensions are precisely what they suggested or according to the set standards is also in the metrology engineer job description. 

            Metrology Engineer Job Responsibilities 

            The prime responsibilities include calibrating the measuring tools keeping into account the recognized or defined standards. When working on an aircraft the engineers have to follow the set rules and compare the technical blueprints with the product to see if the measurements are accurate and in accordance with the plan. They have to scrupulously check the calibration of finished products and tools to identify any measuring issues and have them fixed. Metrology engineers need to stay updated with the latest technology, trending measurement methods, and best practices. They have to overlook the production planning and record results for assuring quality. 

            Skills Required to Build Metrology Engineer Careers

            You need to have good programming and analytical skills to work as a metrology engineer in the aviation industry. Attention to detail is required for the role as you have to do calibration work that can’t be done efficiently if you are not focused and attentive. Good communication skills will help you in coordinating with the team members and other staff. Metrology engineers must be quick at solving problems and thinking critically, they must have the ability to manage time and meet deadlines. The work environment can be distracting, so they must know how to adapt. Your dream aircraft maintenance engineers job can be a click away, try Aviation Job Search!