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            Simulator Instructor
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            Simulator Instructor Cathay Pacific
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            Frequently asked questions

            The pilot training conducted by the ground simulator instructor consists of two parts: ground school and flying school. Here the candidates learn the theory of how aeroplanes fly, the weather, and a variety of other aviation-related topics at ground school. Ground school is designed to assist you in passing the knowledge test.

            Some permit flight training, while others permit only ground training. A ground simulator instructor certificate does not allow the holder to perform flight training, but it does allow the holder to conduct ground training in many instances. For more information regarding ground simulator instruction jobs, visit Aviation Job Search.

            You must pass one or more of the ground instructor knowledge tests to become a ground simulator instructor. Each test has a time limit of 2.5 hours, and you must pass with a score of at least 70%. Each rating necessitates a different level of expertise. You can either take one test at a time or strive for a single ground instructor grade.

            Unlike a flight instructor certificate, which must be renewed every two years, a ground simulator instructor's certificate can be kept current by working as an instructor in the past 12 months or gaining an endorsement from another instructor stating that they are still qualified to teach. There isn't much need to get it renewed unlike the flight instructor certificate.

            A flight instructor (simulator) is a person who is qualified to educate for a specific kind, class, or category of aircraft in a flight simulator, a flight training device, or both. The duties involve the development of curriculum, tracking the progress of students, giving them grades and assessments. During the training, they closely monitor the aircraft performance.


            Ground Simulator Instructor Job Description

            According to the ground simulator instructor job description, the instructor delivers ATP CTP training in the classroom. As needed, assist as a Subject Matter Expert in developing content for new types of courses. Additional specific services, such as course evaluation and other administrative activities including publishing, safety, quality audits, and other duties as assigned, may be provided. Additional training entails offering academic systems ground school in a classroom/flight training device. The instructor must arrive on time for work and follow all policies and procedures. The aviation training personnel must accept full responsibility for the quality of work produced, both alone and in collaboration with others. You can find more aviation training jobs at Aviation Job Search.

            Ground Simulator Instructor Job Responsibilities

            A student preparing to become a pilot receives lessons from a ground simulator instructor. Your primary responsibilities include ground, simulator, and flight operations training. The aviation training personnel develop curriculum, provide lessons, evaluate and grade students, check the condition of an aircraft and related equipment, and create reports on the students. Aviation equipment, flying skills, safety standards and procedures, and CAA laws are all covered in the course that they teach to the aviation aspirants.. They assist students and answer questions throughout the course to ensure their success. A ground simulator instructor can also assist in the recruitment of new students for the programme.

            Skills Required to Build a Ground Simulator Instructor Career

            The instructor must convey thoughts and facts to all appropriate parties concisely, respectfully, and professionally while listening closely to others to ensure that information is understood. These candidates must possess organisational awareness. The employers expect the instructors to understand the organisation's mission and its social, political, and technological processes. They understand how the organisation's work and objectives are driven and impacted by programmes, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. They must work together and collaboratively with all teammates to achieve common goals by sharing information or expertise. Collaborating to solve problems constructively while recognising others' contributions is also a plus.