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            Flight Control Engineer - Safety/V&V old
            Direct Employer
            Flight Control Engineer - Safety/V&V old Ascendance Flight Technologies
            Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Occitania
            70 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            The flight engineers are a type of aircraft maintenance engineers, and they overlook different aspects of an aircraft during and before the flight. The flight engineer job description also includes aspects like fuel checking, development of flight plan, and checking aircraft systems.

            A flight engineer pay is different in different parts of the world. On average, the pay scale is satisfactory for most flight engineers, considering the nature of their job. This pay scale tends to fluctuate too, depending upon years of experience, rank, promotions, and geographical region.

            No, flight engineer careers do not equate those of a pilot’s. As a flight engineer, your main job is to make sure that all the systems of an aircraft are ready for a flight, and you also monitor all the instruments of the airborne equipment during the flight. Being a flight engineer does not mean that you get to fly the plane.

            If you’re looking for jobs as a flight engineer, then you’re eligible to apply after getting the relevant education and experience in this field. The education is usually a bachelor’s of science degree in any of the engineering fields like electrical, mechanical, or aeronautical. Some technical skills are also required.

            If you want to become a flight engineer, then you have to apply to a training school to get the necessary training and experience in order to become a flight engineer. The training course is fifteen months long. This training course can equip you with the necessary knowledge and technical skills.


            Flight Engineer Job Description 

            As a part of this job, you’re required to undertake not just one, but a set of tasks simultaneously. A flight engineer is on the guard before, during, as well as after the flight. To get a flight engineer job, you’re required to have special education and training. The education is usually a bachelor’s degree in any of the pertinent fields like electrical, mechanical, or aeronautical engineering. Some employers might also require some additional requirements. In addition to all the education, a certain level of training and experience is also required, as one can see that the job requires utmost expertise, technical proficiency and knowledge. Explore the latest job opportunities by visiting the Aviation Job Search website.

            Flight Engineer Job Responsibilities

            If you want to be eligible for a flight control engineer job, and are looking to apply for any vacancy, then you should be acquainted with all the responsibilities that come along with this job. A flight engineer’s main task is to make sure that all the designated aircrafts are in the perfect condition to fly. For this purpose, they regularly perform diagnostic tests, which might include some hands-on work as well. They also make sure that the aircrafts are in perfect accordance with all the safety rules and regulations. The list of their duties also encompasses communication with dispatchers, overseeing of fuel use, regulating cabin pressure,assisting the pilots and compiling detailed report about any anomalies in aircraft operation. 

            Skills Required For Building Flight Engineer Career

            In flight operations engineer jobs, a very unique and essential skill set is demanded, as is evident from the responsibilities and the nature of the job. One of the typical qualities that are required in this job is the ability to work under pressure, as a flight engineer’s day to day work environment is an ever-dynamic, and demanding one. One should also be sensitive to all the nuances that are occurring in their environment, so as to be able to make the quickest and the most accurate response to them. Apart from this, very exceptional communication skills are also needed, as you need to coordinate all the details to your teammates. Aviation Job Search has all the latest job postings for the aircraft maintenance engineers.