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              Production Test Engineer - Electronics
              Production Test Engineer - Electronics Morson Talent
              Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
              £60,000 - £70,000
              22 days ago
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              Frequently asked questions

              An electrical technician job description entails ensuring the maintenance and smooth operation of different electrical equipment and other related aircraft components. Electrical technician jobs also include working with electrical engineers, or they sometimes work on site to keep the aircraft equipment running smoothly.

              You can be an electrical technician by following one of the several ways. After completing your high school or an equivalent diploma, you can either get into an academic program in a university or get into a training school where you extensively study all the academic concepts. After the training scheme, you need to get an apprenticeship.

              Yes, being an electrical technician can be an extremely rewarding career. Electrical technicians are needed everywhere, and especially in aviation. The reason is that in aviation, there’s a lot of work related to aircraft’s electrical systems that need proper maintenance. So electrical engineers or technicians never run out of jobs.

              An electrical technician is in charge of working and repairing many different types of electrical parts and systems of aircraft, like motors, heavy circuits, and piping. Their responsibility is to repair any malfunctions that occur in the electrical components and repair them in time. They also work with other workers like plumbers on certain projects.

              The job of both an electrician and an electrical technician involves heavy electrical equipment, but the nature of their work varies. Electricians go to working sites and install wiring and electrical systems, electrical technicians on the other hand ensure proper assemblage of electrical items. Go to Aviation Job Search and access the latest technician jobs.


              Electrical Technician Job Description 

              If you are interested in handling electrical equipment, being an electrical technician is one of the jobs that you could do. To establish this career, there are certain criteria that need to be met. One of these criteria is the education and the required training. After completing your high school diploma, and completing your training course in a training school, you need to get enrolled for an apprenticeship. This apprenticeship is essential to get an electrical technician licence and getting the necessary training for the job. This licence and some other certifications make you eligible to work as an electrical technician. During your job, your training regarding handling and operating of electrical machines will be utilised. 

              Electrical Technician Job Responsibilities 

              These technicians help in configuration, testing, manufacturing and fixing the electrical and electronic equipment like aircraft systems, monitoring gadgets and navigation instruments. They might be employed in item assessment and testing, utilising, estimating and indicating gadgets to change, test, and fix equipment. Electrical technicians may likewise fill in as field delegates for producers, wholesalers, or retailers offering guidance on the establishment, activity, and upkeep of complicated electrical systems and may compose specialised manuals. Visit Aviation Job Search to explore the newly posted technicians jobs.

              Skills Required For Building Electrical Technician Career

              As is the case with all the other types of jobs, being an electrical technician requires you to be in possession of certain skills and attributes. These skills and characteristics include, first and foremost, a mechanical aptitude, as the job is basically just you working with different electrical machines. Great analytic thinking and problem-solving skills are also a must to have, as they need to use these skills to solve electrical maintenance and repair issues. Electrical technicians also need to have customer service skills, as having this skill benefits you to attract more clients. Communication skills can give you an extra benefit.