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            Charter Broker
            Charter Broker ZENON
            Dubai, United Arab Emirates
            Full time
            9 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            The charter sales executive generates new leads and contacts the potential clients. From start to finish, they are responsible for managing charter flight reservations. They are expected to establish positive working relationships with both charter flight customers and other parties involved.

            A bachelor's or master's degree with a marketing, promotions, advertising sales, or business administration specialisation is preferred. Moreover, the candidates must have at least five years of sales experience in the business and have complete understanding of the aviation industry.

            Connecting with customers online, answering inquiries, delivering advice, and promoting new charter services are their main responsibilities. These sales and support staff members are also responsible for presenting the charter services intelligently to attract customers and tempt them to buy the charter plane service.

            The candidates must possess excellent customer service and sales skills. Both vocally and in writing, they must be an excellent communicator with persuasive skills. Remarkable presentation skills, along with the ability to use Microsoft Office, CRM, and sales applications, are necessary.

            Although there are no set requirements for becoming a Sales Executive, previous customer service experience may be beneficial. A degree may be required in some industries. You may also need two additional important certifications: Sales Training Diploma and the CPD Diploma in Sales Management.

            Many qualities can help you in your sales job; however, sincerity, ethics, and listening are the top ones. To be able to negotiate and convince, you need to listen to and understand your prospective client’s requirements first. Be truthful, do not be evasive or carry a hidden agenda, and help others make wise purchasing decisions by asking them questions.

            Yes, and No, it depends on you actually. If you’re a people person and thrive on being social, and are an extrovert, you will find the job invigorating and enjoyable. Of course, there are targets you need to meet and other responsibilities, as with any sales job, but it is a rewarding career. Depending on the company you work for, you may get additional perks besides the commissions for your sales.

            Master’s or bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, promotion, or advertising sales preferred. You should have experience in the industry, and if you have experience in management will go a long way, as well as any leadership ability in strategic areas. You can expect quicker promotions.

            Yes, generally, sales is a great career. Salespeople can earn a good salary and have a clear career path. Most importantly, anyone can go into sales. Only you need to be motivated to improve your sales skills and have the desire to succeed.

            As with most jobs, you will get the chance to grow. Your career as a charter sales executive will take you to the next level, usually as a Key Account Executive or Manager, where you will manage some of the largest customers for the company that you are working for. 


            Charter Sales Executive Job Description

            A charter sales executive job description includes helping a firm grow in the aviation industry by identifying new business possibilities and boosting the charter sales. They must maintain existing consumer relationships while simultaneously forming and keeping new ones. They also need to stay ahead of the pack by attending lectures, seminars, and workshops to hone and develop their skills. To work as a charter sales executive, you should have a bachelor's degree in sales or marketing. Some employers prefer applicants who have earned a master's degree. Experience in sales or marketing is a big plus. You must be able to bargain and ensure the best possible deal for the employer and customers. To find charter sales executive jobs, visit Aviation Job Search.

            Charter Sales Executive Job Responsibilities 

            As a charter sales executive, your main task is to build a client database through prospecting and inbound inquiries and guide them through the entire private jet booking process. This includes several customer contacts, aircraft procurement and agreements with providers, flying requests, and keeping the client informed about all phases. Other responsibilities include building brand awareness and generating leads; creating a customer portfolio. Cold contacting for prospective prospects, networking, and responding to web queries, establishing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with clients and gaining a deep understanding of aircraft and the chartering process also come under charter sales executive job responsibilities. 

            Skills Required To Build A Charter Sales Executive Career

            Fluency in business English, both verbally and in writing, is necessary, with knowledge of additional languages. They should also have the ability to meet or exceed financial sales goals. Other skills required include excellent communication, persuasion and problem-solving skills. The sales and support staff member must possess strong resilience to thrive working under pressure. The individuals require a valid passport with the ability to obtain visas. The charter sales executive must have the ability to create intercultural relationships. Immaculate demeanour and positive attitude also help you in climbing up the success ladder. You can search for charter sales executive vacancies at Aviation Job Search.

            Working Conditions of a Charter Sales Executive Job

            Although working hours can vary depending on the sector, they are usually long. Late finishes are a common part of the job due to the pressure to achieve targets. Sales is a target-driven industry. Therefore, work can be stressful and demanding. Conditions of work will vary depending on the area you work in. Your office could be located in the UK, overseas, or both. Depending on your contract, you may also work remotely from your home office or at your hotel. Charter sales executives should look smart and professional when dealing with clients. Usually, the management and their colleagues can create a competitive working environment. Traveling away from home overnight and for longer periods abroad is common. Needless to say, you need to consider that constant travel can negatively impact your personal and social life.

            A Job Role Example of a Charter Sales Executive Job

            Your main responsibility as a member of our dynamic team is to create a client database through prospection, cater to incoming requests, and follow through on them throughout their journey with the company. You will need to take care of and ensure the completion of private jet bookings, starting with the reservation inquiry and ending with the actual flight. During this time, you will need to maintain contact with clients, work on sourcing the aircraft, and carry out any negotiations with our suppliers, arranging any flight requests and keeping the client informed on all aspects. While you will be working with our local team, you might need to travel to attend aviation events or other activities for which you helped organize private jet flights.